Brick and Model

Sharing my experience with various model sets.

LEGO: Steamboat Willie

Bringing the classic boat from Mickey Mouse’s debut to brick form was very cool as a Disney Fan. This is a great display piece as it has various ways of going off some features of the boat and placement for the mini-figures.


Build Time: 3 hours

Pros: Ability to move mini-figures and other small parts to change how the model is displayed.

Cons: The smoke pipes have a bit too much wiggle room so they can get stuck.

LEGO: Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Probably the most “difficult” build I have done just based on organization alone. This would be the first big LEGO build in a long time that didn’t have the pieces in numbered bags, but I actually enjoyed that about the build but made me really wish I had more room or storage containers to keep it clean build.


Build Time: 8 hours

Pros: Has a lot of great details and just a fun piece to look at.

Cons: The back piece of the removable top isn’t really support so the end pieces can come off with little pressure apply

LEGO IDEAS: Typewriter

This is the most technical build I have worked on and the most I have work with the Technic pieces. Overall, a really solid build and I liked they include a letter you can use in the paper reel and that it came in so many languages.


Build Time: 12 hours

Pros: Most of build is pretty solid so there aren’t many places that will easily fall off.

Cons: Probably a mistake in my build, but the arm that moves up and down to turn the gear while typing, it seems like there isn’t enough force to more it back down so it can move the gears that moves the paper to the left.

LEGO: Nintendo Entertainment System

I couldn’t resist building having a model set based on one of my earliest gaming systems. A fun build that part of me is hoping to be repeated with either a different game or a different console and game.


Build Time: 12 hours

Pros: the TV and console look really good and the game and controller add a fun detail for displaying it.

Cons: The stand the TV sits on seems really weak to be holding that TV and really doesn’t add anything to the set.

LEGO: Ship in a Bottle

First set that got me back into LEGO building. A simple set with a lot of little details in my opinion.


Build Time: 5 hours

Pros: Solid build and has a lot of little details.

Cons: I really like the compass in the middle of the display stand just wish it wasn’t hidden.