Arcade Spotlight: Mr. Shifty

Games where you die after 1 hit, I find to be fun and rage filled. Mr. Shift is a lot of fun and offers a good set of challenges. I played on the Nintendo Switch, but it also on Steam and PS4.

In Mr. Shifty, you play as Mr. Shifty and use his teleportation powers to steal from a business man named Mr. Stone. The story is pretty linear and the stages usually is focused on going point to point until you reach the end of the stage. There are about 18 stages and early stages could take about 5-7 minutes to complete but as the game goes on the stages do get longer and more challenging so it the time to complete could increase based on your skill. The last stage took me about 45 minutes and had 20 deaths, I struggled a bit.

This game is a top down beat ’em game. As Shifty you use his short distance teleportation powers to move around and dodge enemies. The amount of times you can teleport before re-charging is 5 so keeping that number in mind is greatly needed especial you have parts of stages where you are out running danger. Your main weapon is your fist or the random weapons on the ground as you explore each stage. Using your fist will take 2 or more punches to take down an enemy and if not careful may open you up to a bullet to the face. The weapons you find are one hit kills for your enemies, but most only last a few hits before breaking on you, except the shield and spear, those will not break and can be thrown for a good about of distance. Another thing to look for is later in the game you will hit areas where your teleportation powers are disabled. This for me was a realization of about much I use those powers and the challenge of dodging enemies with wide range attacks increase quite a bit, but if use your environment to your advantage you should make it out of those levels with no problem. Though I had a lot of fun with Mr. Shifty, I did have a few issues with the game and some may be Switch exclusive.

The first “issue” I had with the game is the final enemy. Though I found the end of the game satisfying, the final enemy of the last stage, the fight ends with one hit. Now it is challenge as the enemy is attack with a wide range and requires you time your 5 teleports well, I still would of like a bit longer of a fight. This is a preface thing and doesn’t take away from the game too much. The other issues I had, seem to be related to performance. There was one instance of the game crashing on me during the last stage after spending 15 minutes on one part of the stage. This was definitely a “I need to walk away, cause I was so pissed moment” and it was after playing on the game for a good solid hour. So not sure if that was a factor but something to keep in mind if you play it on the Switch. The other thing I will note is the frame drop during some parts during the last couple of stages. At this point in the game, Mr. Stone has found a way to teleport people and items to stop Mr. Shifty, but has lost control over it and now large number of enemies and parts of other rooms are being moved around, there were some parts that cause the frames to drop and slow the game down a bit. Despite these performance issues, I think Mr. Shifty is an awesome game and would highly recommend people picking it up for their desired platform.

Thanks for reading and you can check out Mr. Shifty here for more info!

Until next time, keep gaming and have fun.


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