My Long Shot Gaming Wish List!

As E3 approaches, many will post what they are wanting to be announced during the conference. As much as I would like to do the same thing, I think it would be more fun to talk about a more general wish list for gaming that probably as 0 percent chance of happening but it’s still fun to dream though. I tried my best think of new ideas for games and only came up with a few sequels and remasters but my creativity has its limits. Let the dreaming be.

A New Game in the Jak and Daxter Universe:

For this one, I would like to see a new game that explores more of the Jak and Daxter world. Now the game doesn’t need to star Jak and/or Daxter which sounds weird after just saying I want a new game in the same world but hear me out. I enough Jak and Daxter as characters and would love to see them go on a new adventure. However, I also like seeing character evolve and play different roles in the same world, and for me it is just a cool idea that I want to see. So, what would my new game in the Jak and Daxter world, to start this game would take place years after Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier. At the end of Lost Frontier, Jak and crew saved the world from an ECO shortage but it was hinted that there were more ECO sources that could tapped into. However, after releasing more ECO into the world it become more and more unstable since there are no ECO Sages to help control it. You would play the main character that has some sort of connection to Jak, either his kid or a student, and maybe their partner exploring the world looking for new ECO Sages. I think this would be a fun concept to see more of the Jak and Daxter world but in a lively and vibrant.

More Sly Cooper:

The Sly Cooper Series is one of my favorite series and the last Sly Cooper game left a cliff hanger of Sly surviving and ending up ancient Egypt. Of course the main part of the story would be in a couple of parts; one part looking being Bentley, Murray and Carmelita trying to find a way to get Sly back and the other part would be Sly exploring Egypt trying to find a way to either get back or signal to his friends that he is alive. A nice touch to this game would be, maybe exploring the origin of Clockwork and if they keep the time travel part and visit different ancestor and running into Clockwork more and more maybe there is a decision for Sly to make. Sly can either a) focus on getting back to the present or b) take out Clockwork for good. Letting Clockwork live and nothing would change, but taking out Clockwork could save the Cooper Legacy but he would lose all his friends. I mean, without Clockwork there the first game wouldn’t exist and maybe the third one, but instead of Sly and his crew of misfit thieves it may be a Cooper family adventure of reclaiming the Cooper Vault from Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves. Would be interesting to see and I could always use new adventures with Sly and the crew.

More Stage Time:

Puppeteer is a PS3 game that I felt was a good game that should have gotten more attention with its unique and fun storytelling. The whole game is acted out on a stage with a narrator, audience and I think mostly nails the stage feel throughout the game. I personality would love to see another game in that style. Puppeteer’s story didn’t leave much for a sequel, but it would be a nice format see other games in and see what twerks people can do with it. It’s an art style and format of storytelling I would love to see happen again.

Going back down under:

This would be one of the few “Remaster”, I bring up but, I would love to see Ty the Tasmanian Tiger be given a second chance. All three Ty the Tasmanian Tiger have recently been brought to the PC platform by its creator Krome Studios and they even released a new 2D plat-former on Steam and Xbox. It was another contender in the early console mascot wars and I really did enjoy the all the game and how they tried to introduce new game mechanics as the series went on. I would love to see this game to get the remaster treatment that Crash and Spyro got. Give Ty a second chance with a new look and cleaned up game play and I will throw my money at you.

New Bandicoot or Dragon Game:

Speaking Crash and Spyro, I would love to see what Toys for Bob or Vicarious, could do with either of these games on current or next gen of consoles with original ideas. What I would like to see is a slow build up to another Crash and Spyro game, but maybe this time less mini-games and cards and nothing like the GBA games. Would fun to see the creativity people could have with Crash and some new tools to platform with. For Spyro, I would like to see the elemental breathes be given another chance. I liked the elemental breaths that some of the newer games tried to do and would love to see how they would work with a more traditional Spyro Game.

Time travel and Monkeys:

The last game to wrap up my gaming wish list is the other remaster I would love to see come from the PS1 era, Ape Escape. I didn’t truly get a chance to play Ape Escape until the PSP game Ape Esape: On the Loose was released and I love the game. From the level design to the gadgets, I just enjoyed every minute of this game. Now an interesting note about this series is there are 2 sequels and numerous spin-off games but I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about them. These games seem to of been forgotten or they were scarce when they were released despite it appearing that they received some good praise. So, if they do get the current generation remaster treatment, I think it would be interesting to include the sequel games at least.

This isn’t my entire list and I may do another one of this Longshot Gaming Wishlist in the future. These are the ideas that are always in the back of my head as I hear or see things like Nintendo Director or some sort of gaming conference is coming up. I know there is little chance of any of these happening but who knows, with the announcement of the new Crash and Spyro Trilogies and the MediEvil game coming out soon, we may get an Ape Escape Remaster. Also, soon enough they will run out of PS1 games to remaster and it will be time to remaster some PS2 era games but doing this kind of wishful thinking can be fun.

With that said thank you so much to reading this. Stay tune as I will do my best to do some sort of coverage of E3 next week as well as try to get back into the swing of things and actually post stuff on the site. Have a great morning/day/evening, keeping gaming and have fun.


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