Trailer Talk: Volume 3

Took me a bit longer this go around to find trailers that I wanted to talk about but I found a few I wanted to talk about and also wanted to introduce a new section of the Trailer Talk Volumes. So let’s learn about some games and make some predictions of what the game will be. Let’s start with a trailer for a game you can pick up right now.

First game is Sea of Solitude. In this game, you play as Kay, a woman who is now a monster. Based on the trailer, this looks like an adventure where you will help Kay face her inner monsters and fears to be released from her monster form. The game itself looks good and the environment looks interesting, especially when contrasting against the look of the main character. Game play looks to be rotation of go to a new area and face a fear then move on to the next one. Not a bad formula to have and could make for a good game. Sea of Solitude is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC and you can watch the trailer here if you are interested. Now we go from the sea to space.

The next trailer that caught my eye was Elea. In this sci-fi story, you take the role of Elea, a space scientist joins a recovery mission of an expedition that her husband was a part of 13 years before. The game itself has a descent look to it and some of the areas you will explore look awesome. Sci-fi is a hit and miss genre for me but if they nail the environments and the game play down, many sci-fi fans will hopefully enjoy it. You can watch the story trailer yourself by clicking here.  Staying with a space theme, time to talk about giant robots.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 is coming out sometime this year. Though the trailer mainly focuses on the giant robot battles it does look like there will be a mix of out of Gundam exploring with Gundam battles. I haven’t played a lot of Gundam games but I do see how the movement can be a bit clunky when in the Gundams but hopefully I will be wrong. It will be also interesting to see how much time you spend possibly exploring the base or bases and how much of it will be Gundam battles. Watch the trailer and be the judge of the combat by clicking here. Staying in the realm of ‘anime’, time to move on to animated trailer.

The opening cinematic for Code Vein was released today and was curious on how anime they were going with this game. Now this isn’t technical a trailer but similar to opening to shows, its point is to hook you in to stay and play the game. I will admit I haven’t been following the development of this game too closely but this is one I am interested to see how it plays out. First thing to note is I get a bit of God Eater vibes from style of the animation. The trailer did its job and made me more curious about how the series and wanting to check out the other trailers for this game, but it also makes me want a Code Vein Anime. Code Vein will be available September 27th 2019 and you can watch it by clicking the link here.

Now for a new addition for this volume is a new section called ‘WTH trailers’. These will go to trailers that made me go ‘what the hell?’ and then trying to move on with my life. To kick this off, let’s talk a bit about the character trailer for Crystar. In this game you play one of several characters that had a horrible past event happen to them and now they are in Purgatory where they must fight their way out. Though an interesting concept, beginning mix of animations used to show this was a bit eye brow raising and it may not be my cup of tea but I bet it’s someones. Crystar comes out on August 28th 2019 and you can get a peek of the characters here.

That completes another week of Trailer Talk, hopefully there is a trailer for you or someone you know. Thank you for reading this post and Stay tune for more random thoughts around gaming and such and have a great morning/day/evening.


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