Digimon Adventure (2020): 26 Episodes In

*WARNING: This will contain some spoilers*

Digimon was one of my favorite series coming home to watch after school, especially the first 3 seasons and as the years went on the series has had it series of ups and down. So, I was excited to hear that new Digimon series coming out that was a reboot of the first Digimon Adventure and now that we are 26 episodes into the new series, I wanted to talk about my thoughts on the show so far. Overall, it has been a good series with some awesome highs and some low lows, but before I get into that lets start with the basics.

First thing you may be wondering is if this a one for one retelling of the first Digimon Adventure and overall no. Though the show right now has some familiar faces and similar story beats, I would say that this is a new story overall. Which is a good thing since the Digimon Tri series wrapped up with the new movie. The overall plot for the series is long ago in the Digital World there was a war between Dark Digimon and the Holy Digimon. The Holy Digimon won the battle, however the Dark Digimon have return and capture the Holy Digimon and have began attacking the real world. The series begins 3 of our heroes dealing with a Digimon messing with the train system and trying to launch a nuclear missile from a submarine and that was the 3 first episodes. Once the group enters the Digital World, we learn more about the Holy Digimon vs. Dark Digimon, the capture of the Holy Digimon and how it will take the ‘Chosen Ones’ to free the Holy Digimon and save both worlds. Basically, it is following the common formula of defeat evil to save both worlds that has been used in most, if not all, Digimon stories, but what are some of the things that help the series stand out?

Let’s talk about what the series has done well and the first thing is character development. Rather than introduce all the cast at once, they were introduced one by one and each given time to shine. We begin show with Taichi and Koshiro (Izzy to English viewers), next Yamato (Matt), Sora, Mimi and then Joe and these were the focus of most of the 26 episodes with Takeru (T.K.) and Hikari (Kari) joining in the latest episodes. It was nice have each character given the spotlight so we can learn more about the character and their relationship with their Digimon and then another series of episode where we see the characters develop a bit more. The other thing I like about is the use of Digimon old and new. I think the series has done well of introducing some new Digimon like Argomon, which appeared in the first episode and some familiar faces like Leomon and Ogremon and some Digimon from other series like Falcomon from Digimon: Data Squad and Calmaramon from Digimon Frontier. The characters and the use of Digimon have been done mostly well but now let’s get into some negatives about the series.

I do have a couple of issues with the series and that is pacing of the story and the lack of ‘villain presence’ with kind of go hand and hand. The pacing of the story has been interesting because at times it feels the progress to the goal was slowed just so we can have the next evolutions revealed. So as of now the six Digimon, Agumon, Gabumon and etc., now can reach their Ultimate forms before the end of the first story arc and it also felt that some of them could have been held off until later in the show and have a greater reveal. The other issue the lack of ‘villain presence’ in the show. The “Dark Digimon” for most of the show are random groups of Digimon that joined the Dark Digimon and then the focus main baddie has been Devimon but, spoilers, Devimon has been dealt with. Now to be fair most for season has been dealing with events happening in the Digital World that are affecting the real world, like causing a major blackout or causing ships to crash into each other. However, in my opinion, without knowing or hinting at a ‘greater evil’ pulling the strings some of these attacks could be written off as random attacks and not part of a bigger picture. Also we don’t know how many Holy Digimon have been capture or even if that is still relevant after the introduction of Takeru (T.K) and Patamon. Both of which could make it hard to invest in the show cause now it feels like we are waiting for the next main villain and/or crisis to be introduced for the crew to deal with and not have an overall goal be the focus.

Overall, I am mostly happy with the series and would give it an overall ‘Good’ status. If you are a Digimon fan I think you will like the series as well but it may require some patience to get through. It will be interesting to see where the series goes. Hopefully there will be a bit more exploration of the Digital World and I do have a feeling that it may go continent by continent with each one has a main villain to deal with.

Think that is it for now. I may share my thoughts are the next chuck of episodes or when the season ends. Thank you for taking the time to read this and as always; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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