Deck Theory: Red/Yellow Greymon Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory, these post will be sharing my idea of a deck for you to try out. I will try to make as an “original” deck as I can, however some of ideas my have already been shared but I try my best not to research any decks and I just look at my cards and let the gears go. This deck theory will cover a Red/Yellow Greymon Deck and pulling from the Great Legends (BT4) set.

This deck could be a bit interesting as there will be a focus on getting Tamers on the field, lowering your opponent’s Digimon power, using the a new mechanic: Digi-Burst and making use of a smaller Security Stack. Tamers are going to important not only for the memory gain, but they will be needed to activate some of the Digimon’s ability such as power increase or weaken other Digimon. Lowering Digimon power is not only good way give you advantage in battles, but if the Digimon’s power reaches zero, it will be deleted. With the release of latest set, Great Legends (BT4), there was a new ability introduced called Digi-Burst, this will allow you to delete a number of a Digimon digivolutions to activated an ability, like play a card at no cost or increate you power. Please note this doesn’t there is no order to the Digimon that are sent to the trash, so if you use a Digi-Burst 2 on a level 5 Digimon, you can trash the Digi-Egg and the level 4 if the level 3 Digimon has a good inherited ability. The last thing I want to try to utilize is a smaller security stack. There are several cards that have unique ability that if the security stack is 3 or lower, I can either gain more memory or lower a Digimon Power. These were the basics that I built my deck around and now lets go over that deck.

To meet the ‘Greymon’ part of this deck we mainly focused on Agumon, Greymon, GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon and ShineGreymon to make up the Digimon part of the deck. One thing to remember, you are limit to 4 cards of the same card number, not name. Meaning I can have a deck 8 Agumon in my deck as long as 4 are BT1-003, 2 BT2-004 and 2 BT4006 for the card numbers. Below is the list of cards I used to build this deck:

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantity
Koromon (BT4-003)Digi-EggYellow3
Yokomon (BT1-001)Digi-EggRed2

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantity
Agumon (BT1-010)Digimon lvl 3Red3
Agumon (BT4-008)Digimon lvl 3Red3
Greymon (BT1-015)Digimon lvl 4Red3
GeoGreymon (BT4-012)Digimon lvl 4Red3
RizeGreymon (BT4-017)Digimon lvl 5Red2
ShineGreymon (BT4-020)Digimon lvl 6Red2
Agumon (BT2-033)Digimon lvl 3Yellow3
Kudamon (BT4-037)Digimon lvl 3Yellow2
GeoGreymon (BT2-035)Digimon lvl 4Yellow 3
Piddomon (BT4-042)Digimon lvl 4Yellow2
RizeGreymon (BT2-038)Digimon lvl 5Yellow3
ShineGreymon (BT2-041)Digimon lvl 6Yellow2
Trident Revolver (BT4-100)OptionRed2
Heir of Dragons (BT4-099)OptionRed2
Gravity Crush (BT1-090)OptionRed3
Blinding Ray (BT4-104)OptionYellow2
Code Cracking (BT3-102)OptionYellow2
Purge Shine (BT4-106)OptionYellow2
Marcus Damon (BT4-092)TamerRed2
Kari Kamiya (BT2-087)TamerYellow2
Tai Kamiya (BT4-094)TamerYellow2

Based on the market prices on, this deck would cost you about 52-55 USD which is a rough estimate cause I wasn’t able to find some of the cards. Most the cards were under a dollar with the highest being RizeGreymon (BT4-017) running at about 8.30 USD and ShineGreymon (BT2-041) about 6 USD.

Deck Breakdown

Digi-Egg Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Yokomon’s inherited ability gives a small power boost when you attack a suspended Digimon. This will be good to use after lowering the opponent’s Digimon to ensure your Digimon survives the fight.

Koromon has the inherited ability of: If you have 3 or fewer security cards, lower 1 of the opponent’s Digimon by 1000, but it can be only used once per turn. Again this is a good ability to use to help remove Digimon from your opponent’s field.

Level 3 Red Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

The left Agumon (BT4-008) has the ability that trashed due to Digi-Burst it will return to my hand. This will allow me to keep a level 3 on head to either raise an Digi-Egg or have a low cost Digimon to put on the field.

The right Agumon (BT1-010) has the ability that if played straight to the field, reveal the top 5 cards of your deck and add 1 tamer to your hand. Using could help get Tamers on to the field to try to activate Digimon abilities.

Level 3 Yellow Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

The Agumon has the inherited ability that when it would attack and there are 3 or more Tamers on the field, you can draw a card. This is good to help get through the deck and get the card you need and since there isn’t any hand limit, there is no worries about having to put cards in the trash.

Kudamon’s On Play ability not only helps lower’s a Digimon’s power but it could help get down to 3 security cards in the stack to activate a Digimon’s ability.

Level 4 Red Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Greymon will be used to give your level 5 and 6 Digimon a power boost on your turn, while GeoGreymon will be used to remove Digimon from the field. It’s recommend to digivolve from Agumon (BT4-008) so you only send 1 Digimon to the trash.

Level 4 Yellow Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

GeoGreymon would be used to build up ShineGreymon to be a powerful force when it attacks. I personally like to have a blocker in my deck so Piddomon I think is a good choice not only for it’s cheap Digivolve Cost so recommend you digivolve from Kudamon if you have one on the field.

Level 5 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

The Red RizeGreymon has a Digi-Burst 2 ability that will allow you to play a Red or Yellow Tamer at no cost and has an inherited ability that when it attacks and you have at least 1 Tamer on the field, it can lower a Digimon’s power. Also on your turn, this RizeGreymon can be treated as a yellow Digimon meaning any ability or card that targets Yellow Digimon it will also be affected by it.

Yellow RizeGreymon has a similar ability but it activates when it digivolves you can play a Yellow Tamer from you hand at now cost. Also has the inherited ability that if you have 3 yellow Tamers in play it gain’s the ability to check 1 addition security card when attacking the opponent.

Level 6 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Red ShineGreymon has decent amount of power and if one of your red or yellow Tamers is suspended, it games Security Attack+1.

Yellow ShineGreymon has a Digivolving ability where if you suspend all your yellow Tamers, you can lower an opponent’s Digimon power by 4000 and on your turn it gains 1000 DP from each Tamer in play. Meaning if you have all 6 Tamers in play, you can add 6000 DP to this Digimon’s power making a 17000, which will defeat most Digimon with no problem.

Red Option Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Gravity Crush is a good way to get the needed memory to play cards, but be careful as it can help give your opponent more memory for it’s turn.

Heir of the Dragons is a good way to work your way through the deck to get needed cards and if you have Greymon, GeoGreymon, RizeGreymon or ShineGreymon you can deleted of your opponent’s Digimon with 4000 DP or less.

Lastly, Trident Revolver, though pricey allows you deleted an opponents Digimon of 6000 DP or less and allows you to play a Tamer from you hand for free.

Yellow Option Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Purge Shine is just another tool to use to lower the opponent’s Digimon DP but has the nice effect of being able to target all Digimon in play.

Blinding Ray is a way to help reach that “3 or lower security cards” that some abilities require but at least you get memory for it.

Lastly, Code Cracking is a way to recover some protection to your security stack, this card gives your opponent of trashing the top security card, however if they don’t, you are allow to add a card to your security stack. This is good if your opponent is trying to rush you or has a Digimon that can do extra Security attacks, yes you can lose the perk of some abilities but I think this is a good backup plan incase things go south quickly.

Tamers Cards

Image from Official Digimon website

Tai Kamiya and Kari Kamiya are cards that will best used once you are down to 3 security cards. Kari will give you 1 memory while Tai will give all your Digimon an additional 1000 DP. Another ability the Tai tamer has is if a Digimon is deleted by dropping the DP to 0, you can suspend it to gain a memory and between Digimon abilities and option cards it shouldn’t be too hard to complete that. The other Tamer is Marcus Damon, at the start of your turn if you have 2 or less memory, set the tracker to 3 on your side, this will guarantee you will have 3 memory to use. The other ability Marcus has is when one of your Digimon with Greymon in its name, expect DoruGreymon, BurningGreymon or DexDoruGreymon, you can suspend the tamer to gain 1 memory. So these Tamers will hopefully help get the memory needed to play cards and possible counter the Digimon that have the ability that only allow memory to gain via Tamers cards and with Tai and Marcus being able to be suspended, it will help activate the ShineGreymons abilities.

Next I figure I would share some of the recommend Digivolution lines for the Deck since Digivolving is a major part of the game and we will start with a Digivolution line for your Red Digimon.

Image from Official Digimon website

Starting from the breeding area, you will digivolve Yokomon to Agumon for 0 cost, next you will either digivolve Agumon into either GeoGreymon or Greymon. I would recommend Greymon cause on your turn it will give you additional 2000 DP. Now, if you need to remove your opponents Digimon to stop a build up to something powerful or remove a Digimon with an annoying ability then I good with GeoGreymon and use its Digi-Burst to return Agumon to your hand and trash Yokomon. Next you would Digivolve into RizeGreymon then into ShineGreymon. This path will be good and giving ShineGreymon extra power to attack, weaken an opponents field and if you can get an extra Security attack, blow through their security cards.

Image from Official Digimon website

Alternatively, rather than start in the Breeding area with Yokomon, you can use the BT1-010 Agumon and follow can follow the same path, though it would eliminate the use of GeoGreymon Digi-Burst ability. Next up let’s look at the Yellow Digivolution lines.

Image from Official Digimon website

This may be the better offensive line as there are more “When attacking” abilities that only require having 3 Tamers on the field. So for the most part this will be straight forward of going Koromon->Agumon->GeoGreymon->RizeGreymon with now the decision being to either go with Red ShineGreymon or Yellow ShineGreymon. I would lean more tours Red ShineGreymon as between its ability and RizeGreymon, it could be able to check 3 security cards and when it does attack it can lower an opponent’s Digimon power by 3000 with Koromon and GeoGreymon abilities. Yellow ShineGreymon is good if you just want to outpower you opponent’s Digimon as when it Digivolves it lowers a Digimon’s power by 4000 and gets additional 1000 for each Tamer in play, which as I mention early with this deck build can be an additional 6000 power. The other yellow Digivolution to keep in mind is Kudamon to Piddomon, this is just an easy way to get a blocker on the field.

A pretty start forward deck in my opinion, mainly get Tamers on the field, weaken your opponent and then hit them hard. If you happen to use this deck, let me know how good or terrible it is and any changes you would make. Also, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully this will give some people some ideas of a type of deck you want to build or not build. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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