Deck Theory: Purple Undead Myotismon Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory, these post will be sharing my idea of a deck for you to try out. I will try to make as an “original” deck as I can, however some of ideas my have already been shared but I try my best not to research any decks and I just look at my cards and let the gears go. For this deck theory we are tapping into our evil side and making an Undead Myotismon Deck.

The tools of this deck is make use of playing Digimon from the trash, and gain some resources when you Digimon are deleted, as well as, try to limit your opponents resource use. To utilize this, there will be cards with abilities that send cards from my deck to the trash so then I can use those abilities to play those cards are longer cost. As for the limit opponent’s resources, there will be cards that based on my opponents actions will allow me to move the memory gauge in my directions. So, lets go over the the contents of the deck.

Deck List

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantity
Xiaomon (BT4-006)Digi-EggPurple2
Pagumon (BT2-007)Digi-EggPurple2
Yaamon (BT2-008)Digi-EggPurple1

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantity
Labramon (BT4-079)Digimon lvl 3Purple3
Gazimon (BT3-077)Digimon lvl 3Purple2
Tsukaimon (BT3-079)Digimon lvl 3Purple3
Gabumon (BT2-069)Digimon lvl 3Purple3
Devimon (BT4-081)Digimon lvl 4Purple3
Devimon (BT2-074)Digimon lvl 4Purple3
Vilemon (BT2-072)Digimon lvl 4Purple3
NeoDevimon (BT4-037)Digimon lvl 5Purple3
Arukenimon (BT3-086)Digimon lvl 5Purple 3
Mummymon (BT3-087)Digimon lvl 5Purple3
Myotismon (BT2-075)Digimon lvl 5Purple3
DanDevimon (BT4-088)Digimon lvl 6Purple2
MaloMyotismon (BT3-092) Digimon lvl 6 Purple2
VenomMyotismon (BT2-079) Digimon lvl 6 Purple2
Necrophobia (BT3-110)OptionPurple2
Night Raid (BT2-108)OptionPurple2
Heat Viper (BT2-109)OptionPurple2
Mimi Tachikawa (BT3-096)TamerPurple2
Kari Kamiya (BT4-097)TamerPurple2
Matt Ishida (BT2-090)TamerPurple2

Based on the market prices on, this deck would cost you about 27/28 USD. Most the cards were under a dollar with the highest being Devimon (BT2-074) running at about 2.40 USD and Matt Ishida (BT2-090) about 3.29 USD.

Deck Breakdown

Digi-Egg Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

For this go around we are using 3 Digimon cards.

Pagumon has a inherit ability of when attacking you trash the top card of your deck which can help get certain cards and raise the amount of cards in your trash power. This helps the other 2 Digi-Eggs

Xiaomon’s inherit ability will give the evolved Digimon the Retaliation ability, which when a Digimon is defeated in battle, the other Digimon is also deleted. This activates after 10 or more cards are in the trash pile.

Yaamon has a similar inherit ability, but it only requires 5 do activate it and give the evolved Digimon an additional 1000 DP.

Level 3 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Tsukaimon and Gabumon both have On Deletion inherit abilities; for Tsukaimon’s when the evolved Digimon is deleted you gain 1 memory and for Gabumon, when the evolved Digimon is deleted, draw 2 cards from the Deck and trash one card from your hand.

Labramon has a On Play ability of drawing 1 card then trash one from you hand and Gazimon ability limits your opponent to only gain memory via Tamer effects.

So Gabumon and Labramon are used to get through your deck and try to get useful cards in your hand while putting certain cards in the trash. Tsukaimon is used for resource gain and Gazimon limits your opponents ability to build up resources.

Level 4 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Using two versions of Devimon for this deck. The Retaliation ability can be used to help remove powerful blockers and attackers from the field and the Digi-Burst can be used to either gain memory or draw cards.

I personally like having Blockers for extra defense and Vilemon fills that role for this deck

Level 5 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Arukenimon and Mummymon are used to get MaloMyotismon from your trash to the field for the cost of 3 memory and trashing these Digimon, which helps with Xiaomon and Yaamon’s ability.

NeoDevimon is another tool where on your opponent’s suspend one of their Tamer cards, you will gain a memory, which will remove memory then can use and if it cross the 0 spot it will end their turn after their last action.

Myotismon is meant to be used as a descent attacker and to help with digivolving.

Level 6 Digimon Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

VenomMyotismon has decent amount of power, has Security Attack+1 so it can check 2 security cards and when your opponent suspends their Digimon, you get memory so good all around.

DanDevimon has 2 descent abilities where once per turn if you lose a card from your security stack, you can remove the top card from your opponent’s security stack.

Lastly, MaloMyotismon, the mon that was the inspiration for this deck. You want to get MaloMyotismon into your trash pile so you can use Mummymon or Arukenimon to get in on the field. It also has Piercing which if it survives a battle with another Digimon (usually a Blocker Digimon) it will still complete a security check and it allows you gain memory when Digimon are deleted from the field.

Option Cards:

Image from Official Digimon website

Night Raid will be used to either put Gabumon, Tsukaimon or Gazimon back on the field if it is deleted for way cheaper and regain Digivolution options.

Necrophobia, same thing as Night Raid, but allows you to play a Level 5 Digimon from the trash. So I would aim for Mummymon or Arukenimon so then you can get the other MaloMyotismon on the field.

Lastly, Heat Viper will help remove any level 4 Digimon from your opponents side of the field. Mainly use to remove blockers to make getting through the security stack a bit easier.

Tamers Cards

Image from Official Digimon website

Kari Kamiya is used to gain memory when a card is removed from your security stack, which will mainly happen on your opponents turn so it can either help end their turn.

Matt Ishida will be used to make sure you start your turn with at least 3 memory and return a Digimon or Option card to your hand.

The Mimi Tachikawa card will give you memory by suspending when either you or your opponent plays a Option card.

Digivolution Line

In the past deck theories, I have pretty hard set plan of which Digimon to digivolve into which. However for this deck, I gave a general idea of what you should aim from. So below, is a general idea of how to get to Digi-Egg to Level 6

Image from Official Digimon website

Starting from the breeding area, from any of the Digi-Eggs, I would go with either Tsukaimon or Gabumon since they have inheritable abilities, you could go with Gazimon, but it’s ability wouldn’t be active so you want to get that Digimon on the field as soon as possible.

Next, digivolve into either of the Devimon then into either Myotismon or NeoDevimon. Remember, that while in the breeding area, your Digimon is protected from card effect so use this to get powerful Digimon then move them into the field so their abilities can be used.

Then finally Digivolve into VenomMyotismon or DanDevimon, I would go with the route that give them Retaliation so the can take down powerful Digimon with them if any exist. Again, this is just a good way to build up your Digimon’s power so it can be more effective when it hits the field. However the one of the main focus of this deck is to play Digimon from the trash.

This may be a bit harder deck to play as you are burning through a lot of your deck to make sure you have the needed cards in the trash and have cards in the trash to setup abilities and what not, but have ways to limit your opponent resources and possible handicap them. As always, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully this will give some people some ideas of a type of deck you want to build or not build. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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