Kingdom Hearts February Special: An extreme theory of Demyx, Luxord and the Master of Master.

The two most mysterious members of the Organization 13 are Demyx and Luxord, solely because we know the least about them. These are two of my favorite characters of the Kingdom Hearts series and I am super hopeful that they will make a return in the future but for now let’s try to theorize who these two might be and what their “true” role was.

First thing, I want to focus on is the apparent tie these two have to the “Ancient Keyblade” legacy. In Kingdom Hearts 3, the following Organization 13 members; Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia and Larxene were brought back due to being tied to the Keyblade wielders of old and ,as writing of this, Marluxia and Larxene have been the only ones confirmed with their human forms appearing in the Union X (cross) mobile game. Now, when most people hear ancient keyblade legacy they think the Age of Fairy tales or time period that Union X took place in, but in my opinion, we don’t know the entire story of the Keyblade wielders. There are apparently centuries passed by between the events of Union X and the when Dark Road, the mobile game focused on Xehanort time in Scala ad Caelum. With that much gap in time and lack of knowledge of the Keyblade Wielders “culture”, for lack of a better word, is setup so the human form of Demyx and Luxord maybe keyblade wielder or a master during those times the lead up to Dark Road. There is one note that I found in the Character Files book that I will admit I may be looking to much into, but found interesting that this detail was made. In the Demyx and Larxene sections it says they were summoned by Xemnas as part of his search for ancient keyblade wielders, but for Luxord it says he was summoned by Xemnas, because he suspected Luxord was an ancient keyblade wielder. To me, this shows that maybe there was doubt that Luxord is an ancient keyblade wielder, but he found a way he would get mixed up with Real Organization. My guess on how that happen was the Master of Masters.

The Master of Masters is another mysterious character but we actually know about him than Demyx and Luxord. So, let’s play with the idea that the Master of Masters had some part in making sure Demyx and Luxord were brought into the Organization. Based on an encounter we see between the Master of Masters and a Young Xehanort in the Re:Mind DLC that he is willing to get involve to ensure certain events happen. For the those who may not know, the Master of Master was born with an ability to see into the future, though we aren’t sure how far he can see. If we think about it, why would you add someone like Demyx to the crew, sure he maybe talented but he is also lazy and fact he had no problems helping the heroes bring Roxas back, show his loyalty may be question. However, what if and a MAJOR if, the Master of Master found him and saw him as a perfect pawn. Demyx, definitely for me at least, would be the talented but lazy type of Keyblade wielder, someone powerfully enough to be useful but not taken seriously and often accused of being lazy and not doing their job. This is an extreme stretch, but would be a cool twist in future games. Luxord on the other hand could be more complex.

To start, I’m bouncing off the theory that Luxord is from the unreality realm, the realm mention at the end of Melody of Memories and the world that the final boss of the Re:Mind DLC, Yozora is supposedly from. Now theory is based on the cutscene you get if you beat Yozora, Yozora wakes up in the back of a car driven by Luxord. This is solely based on the hair design of the character, though we only see the back of driver’s head and a bit of the forehead in the rear-view mirror. I personally think this is a weak theory due to the lack of evidence but let’s play along with it. So, let’s say that the Master of Master meets with the Gambler of Fate and convinces him that the fate of both realms is endangered but could be saved if the gamble on Sora is successfully. This is based on another part of that Luxord/Unreality theory that Luxord calling Sora the “wildcard to tip the balance” was more referring the crisis that Yoroza was facing rather than the current events. Now, I always though Sora was the wildcard as A) he wasn’t suppose to be a Keyblade wielder, Riku was suppose to be the one but due to him turning to darkness, Sora was chosed to fill that role and B) Sora harbor 3 hearts (Kairi’s, Roxas’ and Ventus’) which make him a perfect vessel to harbor and protect hearts. Even if we remove the part where, Luxord is from the unreality realm/world, I like the idea that the Master of Master introducing Luxord into the mix, I also believe this based on his interaction with Xigbar/Luxu at the beginning of the Re:Mind DLC. It gave me the feeling that Luxord know more about Luxu than he should of and that could be due to the Master of Master. Luxord overall role is to be the connection between Yozora and Sora so they could have their test and see where the dice of fate landed and move on from there, hence why the two different endings from that fight. I do really hope Luxord is some way part of the future games.

Making Demyx and Luxord secret allies of the Master of Masters would be such a fun twist for the series in the future, but given the current evidence makes it hard to believe. Either way, I hope to see more of these characters in the future. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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