Arcade Spotlight: Super Mario Odyssey

I decided to try a different format of this articles where I focus on 3 things I liked about a game and 3 things I would change or didn’t like about the game. So with that in mind let’s talk about Super Mario Odyssey.

Starting off with the what I liked about Super Mario Odyssey. The presentation of game. Out of all the Mario games I have played I have to say this is the best looking not only cause of the beautiful worlds and scenery, but the expressive nature of all the characters were awesome as well.  I caught myself just stopping and looking at some of the worlds because they were so nice to look at. The next thing I enjoyed about the was the some of the game mechanics. The powers that Cappy introduce and the 2D sections were always fun to play. Taking over objects and creatures to save puzzles and to move along the world and reach certain areas to get moons. The 2D sections were awesome places to explore and were a nice throw back to the original Mario games. The last thing I really enjoyed about Super Mario Odyssey was how fun the game was over all.  A lot of the times I would get the required moons before finishing the main objective of the world I was in due to as I would get distracted by an NPC needing help or discovering a warp pipe to a new part of the map. These were some of my favorite things that kept me playing Super Mario Odyssey.

Now even though I fully enjoyed this game, there are some things that didn’t care for or would of changed. The first thing is give purple coin costumes abilities. Mario have some awesome costumes were awesome but it would be nice if some of them had abilities related the world they were bought in or some extra perk. They were a nice collectible but a little extra would be nice. The next thing I would like to have was to have total alternatives to the motion controls. Now I was able to play most of the game without motion controls, however there are some parts to require some motion controls while in using a capture creature to reach some areas. The main issue where this was a pain was in handheld mode and really couldn’t do any of the extra moves, so certain had to wait until I was in tabletop or TV mode. Finally, the last thing I will nip-pick at is the some of the worlds didn’t feel needed. Now there are probably only 2 kingdoms that I feel weren’t needed or really utilize. The Cloud Kingdom and the Ruined Kingdom are the ones I really wish there were more to. Don’t get me wrong the fights that happen there were awesome but since that was there main purpose don’t think there should be an option to revisit them. Now I haven’t done all the post game stuff yet, but I still like there could of add a bit more to them since both, in my mind, had some much potential and I really wanted to do more while I was there. Nothing game breaking here but these things were little changes that would of added a bit more to the game.

Super Mario Odyssey is a super fun game with most of the worlds being fun to run around in. I would highly recommend this to any Mario fan or to any owner of a Switch. I put in a lot of time into the game and still have a lot to explore still with the post game.

Hope you enjoyed!

-Mike Rambulla

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