Mike’s 2018 Gaming Year

To start off, this is not every game I played in 2018 but some my top games for the past twelve months. You may also notice that not all these games are from 2018 and that is because I am trying to work to make an effort to play through my gaming backlog, which include games from the PS3 era. Lastly these games are in more of a chronological order rather than a ranked order. With that said let us begin:

Digimon Cyber Sleuth: Hacker’s Memory (PS4)

The side story to the first Digimon Cyber Sleuth, Hacker’s Memory follow’s the story of a young man whose account used to explore the cyberspace Eden, was stolen by a dangerous hacker and after joining a group of hackers begins the journey of finding them and getting the account back. Game play wise, it is exactly like the first one; capture, battle and train Digimon to fight other hackers in 3 vs. 3 battles.  The thing that separates the two games is the story. Hacker’s Memory focuses more Hacker culture of the world and felt like it paced itself better and the side stories and events tied into the main story a lot better than it the first one so it didn’t feel like it was a drag to get through some of the chapters. The nice thing is if you played the first Cyber Sleuth game you can import your save file and will credit for the Digimon you collect the first time and get a few bonus items, so that was a nice touch.  If you are a fan of the Digimon or the first game, I recommend this game.


BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle (Switch)

Fighting games have been a genre that I haven’t really explored or really care to explore. However, 1 fighting series I have grown to like to the BlazeBlue series. When BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle was announced I was excited for more BlazeBlue but also it was awesome to see some RWBY characters get some love. I played through the 4 chapters where it focuses on each faction in the game and each felt unique with the interactions but still was a re-skin of the same story. Control wise, I felt like it played well on the Switch. I felt that the fighting in the game controlled welled and with all the different character across 4 series there is plenty of variety in play styles. Again, I’m not a big fighting game person so can’t say how good of a fighting game but generally as a game I had a lot of fun playing it and would recommend playing it.


Captain Toad (Switch)

I never got a Wii U so I missed a few games the first time around, but luckily some of them are getting a second chance on the Switch and a few on the 3DS. Captain Toad is a fun, puzzle/adventure game where solve puzzles and collect varies items along the way. Game play and level variation are a little shallow as you do the same thing with little difference between the 3 chapters. That said, I still had a good time with the game and it was good way to waste some time.


Wandersong (Switch)

This is one of my favorite games I played during the year. The art craft like presentation, the great story and cast of characters made this game a joy to play. You play as a bard that is trying to save the world and you use the power of music to solve puzzles. Wandersong tells a great story of someone of how one deals with the person they seem themselves vs. how the world views them and how they interact. This is way I like the indie game scene; another great game with a great story, unique and fun game play, and unique art design. I highly recommend this game, it is worth the time to play through.


The Garden Between (Switch)

The Garden Between is another puzzle game I played this year. This was a fun experience because the environment of the stage gave hints to that part of the story and completing the stage gave you the full picture. Game play wise, it did a good job with a time/environment manipulation, the world would move forward when you did and rewind when you moved backwards. It had decent levels of difficulty throughout the game. The presentation and the music of each stage I felt were on point and this was a great chill out type game. If you like puzzle games I definitely recommend this game.


Frost (Switch)

Frost is a deck building survival game. The goal of the game is you lead you group of survivors to a safe place before a massive snow storm catches you and without dying along the way. You make progress to the safe space by collecting resources and sending those resource to complete challenges. Sometimes is playing enough food and sometimes you have to fight for your life. The tough part is completing the challenges as soon as possible as because every time you draw a new hand the storm inches closer. Now you can forfeit health to by pass a challenge but if you run out of health the game ends as well. It was a good time, I did unlock a story deck that starting deck that contains characters that you need to keep alive to the end. This was another game that was just a good way to waste an hour or so.


Nefarious (Switch)

Nefarious was a great plat-former where you actually play the super villain trying to take over the world. This 2D plat-former played well had a fun cast of characters and had a good story. Favorite part of this game was the boss battles because they were from the villain stand point which was a nice twist to and it had a lot of fun of poking at the super hero vs. super villain tropes. The cast of character definitely made this game super enjoyable as interacting with and developing this weird friendship between good guy and bad guy. Another game I have no issues recommending to people.


Overcooked 2 (PC)

The first Overcooked game is one of those games I always looking forward to play with friends and I am so happy that a new Overcooked game came out. Overcooked 2 gameplay wise didn’t change from the first game, but that added new recipes and crazier kitchens to work in. Overcooked 2 is as much chaotic co-op fun as the first one, but the addition of online co-op makes gather a group of chefs easier to serve the Onion King. If you are every looking for a new co-op game to play with friends and family, this is one highly recommend.

Battle Chef Brigade (Switch)

Speaking of cooking, Battle Chef Brigade is a fun twit on cooking games. The cooking game play is a match 3 system that the higher score equals a better flavor of the dish. You create dishes by gathering parts from animals and plants throwing them into a dish, playing a match 3 mini-game and serving them to the judges. The story of Battle Chef Brigade, follows the journey of a young girl to join an elite force of chefs by competing in a cooking tournament. As much as I enjoyed the game, it does feel a bit lack luster in post-game content vs. mode in the game to play this cooking challenges against a friend would have been a great touch. Still a game that I think people should play through as it is a very well done and awesome looking game.


Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker (PS4)

This one is an interesting one to play. I have played most of the Ninja storm games and the 2 of the Naruto games for the PSP so I am more used to a game that is either a play through of the Naruto story or it’s an original story with repeating game play. This one is weird cause there are 2 parts to it. One part, is the missions which is a mix original missions and playing through parts of the Naruto story. Missions kind of feel like busy work and a weak way to go through the “story” of the game which is just the characters of the worlds teaching you lessons to get you ready for the Ninja League tournament. The other part is the multiplayer part, which is 90% of the game. Basically, its various 4 vs. 4 matches of capture the flag/base, team death match, and a couple of other game modes. There are 4 roles to play: Attack, Defense, Ranged and Heal and each one has their own set of equipment and jutsus available to them. I have enjoyed playing the game, but the sad part is its mostly a grind to unlock jutsus and gear. You learn jutsu by selecting a master and as you play you earn experience to unlock the next reward. The only interaction you have with your master is during missions and they join you on those mission and that is it. I played Dragonball Xenoverse that had kind of had a similar master system with the key difference that reaching a new level with the master would unlock a challenge and completing that challenge would give you a new technique and then you could move to either earning a new technique. This one may require a full write up, but even though I have enjoyed my time with the game, its not one I can recommend to anyone who is not a Naruto fan and I would wait for this one to go on sale before grabbing it.


Beat Saber (PSVR)

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games/experience that have came out for this year. It first came out for PC VR systems and then was released for Playstation VR later this year and it’s just a fun experience. To put it simply you are a music Jedi, you use a light saber to cut through blocks to a very catchy song. Not only does it require rhythm but you have to cut the blocks in a certain direction for it to count. Can’t speak for how it handles on other VR systems but playing it on the PSVR felt good and it seems to respond well and didn’t notice any input lag or mishaps. It will be interesting to see how song selection grows on the PSVR as it doesn’t have the same mod community on Steam. Either way I enjoy this game and it’s also a pretty good workout.


Guacamelee! 1 and 2 (PS4)

Guacamelee is a fun beat ’em up game series and this year I finally got around to play through the first one and just in time for the sequel to come out. You play as a Luchador saving the worlding from a cast of villains. In the first Guacamelee, Juan turns from a humble farmer to a luchador to stop an evil skeleton from combining the world of the living with the land of the dead. In the second game, Juan comes out of retirement to stop a fallen hero from destroying the Mexi-verse. Both these games play very similar fight enemies with wrestling moves you learn you out the game and have to go back and forth between areas to advance to the next area of the map. Both of these games are just fun to play through and have a fun cast of characters.  I really enjoy this game and I love the art style for it. I highly recommend these games and these games do have co-op so feel free to grab some friends to joy in the fun.


Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu (Switch)

So, this is another interesting one for me. Overall, I did enjoy the game and I think it accomplishes its goal to be a gateway for people who are new to Pokémon and maybe grab some of the Pokémon Go fans. I enjoyed seeing the Pokémon I could encounter, I enjoyed little cosmetic things like the changes Gyms. However, the force motion controls for dock Switch play was unwelcoming, the game under performed while in handheld mode, were some of the downs for this game. I am conflicted about this game, because part of me see things that I would like to see move forward but the other part of me is disappointed as I feel like this was a missed opportunity to get people excited for Pokémon on the Switch. This may be another one that requires a full write up of how I feel, but it is a decent to good game but I don’t think it’s a $60 dollar.


Spyro the Reignited Trilogy (PS4)

Last but not least, Spyro the Reignited Trilogy was, in my opinion, very well done. As a remake, I think Toys for Bob and company did a great job of bringing the Spyro games to 2018. I think the game controls well, the presentation is very well done, making some features available in all three games that were in either the second or third game. There were some design choices such as loading screens, no unique credits for each game that I found interesting but aren’t things that I’m going to get up in arms about. However, I will admit this may be coming from the super Spyro fan in me that is happy to see the purple dragon get some love after a mixed series of games and its nice to see game from my childhood possible be part of the current gen’s childhood as well. Also, I am hoping that after CTR comes out that, new build from the ground games for the Crash and Spyro come out.  Either way, I am so happy with how this game came out and I am hoping we will be getting more Spyro in our lives.


If you made it to the end, thank you very much for reading. Hopefully this time next year I won’t have to do a big year-round up of the games I played during the 2019 year but who knows what the new year will bring. Again thanks for reading and until next time: Peace, Love and enjoy the game.

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