2020 Gaming Hopes and Dreams

A new year and another year to see if any of the games announce at the previous E3 will finally be released or delayed again. In this mess of a writing piece, I will be talking about some games in 2020 I am looking forward to and some games I would like to be at least announced this year. First let’s start out with games that have been confirmed or at least has a “planned” 2020 release:

Dreams (PS4): Played a bit of the demo they release last year and with all the creations they have shared on Twitter, I can’t wait to just be amazed at the awesome creations this game produced.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake (PS4): I’m not the biggest Final Fantasy fan but I am curious to see how this remake will turn out. With all the changes they made to the combat, I am curious to see how this game will be received.

The Last of Us 2 (PS4): With how The Last of Us ended, I was curious to see how or if they would make a sequel. Can’t wait to see what the sequel will bring and see what has happen since the end of the first game.

No Straight Roads (PS4 & PC): I have been pretty excited for this game. From the art style to fun possible story of Rock vs. EDM. I hoping this will be another charming Indie game and will be a lot of fun to play.

Digimon Survive (PS4, XBox One, Switch, PC): Thanks to the Digimon Story games, my love for this series has been reburned. Digimon Survive seems to be a might more serious turn as it is going for a tactics game with perma-death. I like the art style and I can’t wait to play it.

So those are the games I am hoping to play in 2020, hopefully. Along with new games, a new year will bring a new round of announcements of games that will either come out in 2021 or never all. Here are some announcements I would like to see in the next 12 months:

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel: Last E3, Nintendo announced that a sequel to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was in development and hopefully this year we will get more info about the sequel and possible release date. Breath of the Wild was a great experience and I hoping the sequel will bring more to the table.

Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel: Though I haven’t completed a playthrough of this game yet, my time with this game has been awesome and would love to see more of the world. Hopefully this year we can get more information about a possible

New Crash Bandicoot/Spyro the Dragon Game: In the past couple of years, both Crash Bandicoot and Spyro have returned to the spotlight and it would be awesome to see either of this gaming icons get a whole new game in 2020 or 2019. There really aren’t any other games to remaster for each series and hoping that the games did well enough to justified at least one more adventure.

Ape Escape remake: With the recent release of MediEvil, the question has been what other PS One era game will get the remaster treatment. Ape Escape has been discussed a lot and I personally would like to see that series be the next one to get remastered. Now I think only the first game will be get remastered but would be interesting to see all three games be given a second life.

2020 should be another good year for gaming and hopefully will throw out some curveballs with some great game announcements…Like Puppeteer 2…hey I can dream can’t I. Thank you for reading this post and stay tune for more random thoughts around gaming and such and have a great morning/day/evening.


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