Arcade Spotlight: Good Job!

In games when faced with a puzzle, players will either solve it the way the game wants or create their own solution. The game ‘Good Job!’ allows players to find and create their own solutions with as much or little destruction needed. In ‘Good Job!’ you play as child of the Head Execute of big company who is beginning to work their way to the top. Starting at the bottom, each floor will have 3 to 4 levels and each will have task to complete. There are about 9 floors worth of levels and each level has a new mechanic or tools for you to use or overcome and some mechanics will show up again at later levels.

As stated before, in ‘Good Job!’ the only thing that matters is completing the task, however you will be scored based on your three things: time, total cost in damages and how many items you break. Scores range from S to F though in my play through think the lowest score on any category was C. This offers the challenge of either finishing the task as carefully as possible which may take a bit or as fast as you can leaving broken glass everywhere. Thing to try to keep in mind is the value of items so you can figure out if decided either breaking 50 cardboard boxes to drag the printer into the office would be more cost effective then using a chair to break a glass wall to make a door. Getting high scores in each level is the main part of the level, however in all levels but the final one there are 4 pieces of clothing to also to collect to customize your character with usually 2 hats and 2 chest pieces. I personally rocked the Knights helmet and guitar look through my play-through. Also, don’t worry about costume hunting hurting you overall score, once you complete the main task on the level you will be given the option to either go back floor lobby or take time to explore the level. I would suggest holding off on looking for costumes until have the task is done as you may need to destroy more property to get access to them. Overall, game-play wise it is pretty simple and the presentation can be described as that was well.

Presentation wise, the game looks good and has its own charm. All the characters are stick figures similar to the ones you would see on “Wet Floor” signs, but the characters are very expressive and each floor and level have bright color schemes. The game was a joy to look at from beginning to end and the soundtrack was also pretty good though it seems pretty limited. Now there is one issue I have with the game and that some of the controls. The game shows a little difference between when you press the A button to grab any time and when you need to press and hold and the more trouble, I had with the game was when I needed to roll an item into place. Now yes, the faster you roll an item the more likely it is to become out of control but at it didn’t really feel like I had control over the item to begin with so getting it to go where I needed it. However, that may be a small complaint.
Overall, ‘Good Job!’ was a fun and short time. I wasn’t able to see how the game wise in co-op mode so can’t comment if that made the game more fun or caused more frustration. I also don’t know about any completion bonuses but after playing through the game an extra room will be unlocked for you to explore and grab one final costume. I do think ‘Good Job!’ is worth a try if you are looking for a new game on the cheaper end to chill out to. I give ‘Good Job!’ a recommendation level of Silver; it’s a fun game worth it’s asking price though I don’t see it having much replay ability even if you do introduce it to new players. ‘Good Job!’ is available on the Nintendo e-shop click the link to learn more about this game.

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