Deck Theory: RED/Black Legend-Arms Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to my first Deck Theory, these post will be sharing my idea of a deck for you to try out. I will try to make as an “original” deck as I can, however some of ideas my have already been shared but I try my best not to research any decks and I just look at my cards and let the gears go. So for my first Deck Theory, lets look at a Red/Black Legend-Arms Deck.

Before we get into that let’s go over some basics of the game. First, to win the game you want to go through your opponent’s security stack and then directly attack them. A security stack made by taking the top 5 cards after you shuffle your deck and placing them face down without looking at them. Second, memory is you main resource in this game and you and your opponent share it and once the memory gauge crosses 0 and to your opponent’s side, your turn ends and their turn begins. For example, if I have 2 memory left and I play a card that cost 3, the memory gauge moves over to 1 on my opponent’s side and they start their turn with 1 memory. It is something to be carefully off as you don’t want to give your opponent a lot of memory to work with. With that out of the way, let’s start deck building.

This Legend-Arms deck is focused on using the Digimon with the Legend-Arms Type and the Red Level 7 Digimon card, RagnaLoardmon. Also a thing to keep in mind is you can have up to 4 copies of any card with the same Card Number. To start off, let’s look at Deck list then break it down from there and remember; in Digimon TCG you build 2 decks, a Digi-Egg deck and a Main Deck.

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantity
Bebydomon (BT1-002)Digi-EggRed3
Kapurimon (BT2-005)Digi-EggBlack2

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantity
Biyomon (BT1-012)Digimon lvl 3Red2
Zubamon (BT3-008)Digimon lvl 3Red3
ZubaEagermon (BT3-010)Digimon lvl 4Red3
Coredramon (ST1-06)Digimon lvl 4Red2
Duramon (BT3-013)Digimon lvl 5Red3
Durandamon (BT3-016)Digimon lvl 6Red2
RagnaLoardmon (BT3-019)Digimon lvl 7Red2
ToyAgumon (BT2-055)Digimon lvl 3Black2
Ludomon (BT3-062)Digimon lvl 3Black 2
TiaLudomon (BT3-064)Digimon lvl 4Black3
Guardromon (BT2-058)Digimon lvl 4Black2
RaijiLudomon (BT3-069)Digimon lvl 5Black3
BryweLudramon (BT3-072)Digimon lvl 6Black2
Great Tornado (BT1-093)OptionRed2
Gravity Crush (BT1-090)OptionRed3
Giga Destroyer (ST1-15)OptionRed2
Oblivion Bird (BT1-094)OptionRed2
Plasma Stake (BT3-098)OptionRed2
Atomic Ray (BT2-104)OptionBlack2
Beast Cyclone (BT3-106)OptionBlack2
Tai Kamiya (BT1-085)TamerRed2
Tai Kamiya (BT2-089)TamerBlack2

As a side note: I would of liked to include the average price of each card to give an idea of what you could spend, but given the current status of the product outside of Japan I will probably wait until it becomes more available to see what average prices would be. Anyway, now that you have a list of card let’s go over the card types right quick. First, of all here is what Digimon Cards look like:

Image was from Official Rulebook (Ver 1.3)

Now the key thing to this deck is using Legend-Arms type Digimon and you find that under the Card name like seen in the image above. So in the Main Deck list all the Digimon, minus Biyomon, ToyAgumon and Guardromon, are Legend-Arms which will be important when using Ludomon and Zubamon card to find certain cards. The main tool of this deck is to get RagnaLoardmon on the field by through a series of Digivolutions. Let’s take a look at the card itself.

Image from Official Digimon website

Key things to look at for RagnaLoardmon:

-The Play cost is how much memory or resource is needed to play the card straight from your hand.

-This card has 2 options for Digivolving, either place this card on top Red or Black level 6 Digimon card and pay 3 memory.

-Security Attack +1. Security Checks is how go through your opponent’s security card so you can attack them directly to win the game. By default each Digimon check 1 security card when they attack but if they have this effect, it can increase the number cards it can check. However, if you battle a Digimon from your opponent’s Security Stack and survive then it will end you next turn.

-When Digivolving: May Place 1 Durandamon or BryweLudramon from your hand on top of this card’s digivolution cards to gain 3 memory. So this means, as per the q&a from their site here, you would place either a Durandamon or BryweLudramon under this card so it would gain their inherited effect.

-Reboot is an effect that allows a Digimon to be active during your opponents turn after you use it to attack. This will allow it to be protected from Option cards that target suspended Digimon or if you give it the Blocker Ability be able to use it to protect yourself.

So though this card is good, it is better if you build up to it and since it can digivolving from a red or black Digimon then there are 2 paths it can take to get RagnaLoardmon at full power more or less. Let’s start with the red digivolution line:

Image from Official Digimon website

The extra power you want to give RagnaLoardmon will come from the Inherited Effect from the Digimon it digivolves from, so for the red digivolution I started with Digi-Egg: Bebydomon. Bebydomon inherit effect is on your turn if the Digimon has the Piercing effect it gets +2000 DP, this will be used for later in the digivolution. Next you would digivolve Bebydomon to Biymon. Biyomon has the inherited effect is during your turn if the digimon is blocked by another Digimon, then it gets +2000 DP. Now you digivolve Biyomon into ZubaEagermon then digivolve into Duramon, these 2 cards have the same inherited effect of on your turn and the digimon on the top of pile is level 7 it gets Security Attack +1 so if you have both this cards in the pile it now has Security Attack +2 and can check 2 additional security cards. For the level 6 digivolution I would go with Durandamon who’s inherited effect is to give the effect of Piercing. Piercing allows the Digimon to perform any security checks if it has deletes and survives an encounter with your opponents Digimon. Finally you would digivolve Durandamon into RagnaLoardmon, and with all the inherited effects, RagnaLoardmon now has the following effects:

-Security Attack +3: This mean when you perform a security check you can check up to 4 cards.

-Piercing and +2000 on your turn putting it at 16000 DP.

-Reboot, unsuspend during your opponents unsuspend phase

-If blocked, gain +2000 putting at 18000 DP.

Basically this would turn RagnaLoardmon a one mon wrecking crew if it is allow to get that far. Now let’s look at the black digivolution line:

Image from Official Digimon website

Similar to the red digivolution, this will all be about the inherited effects that will power up RagnaLoardmon but in a way different way. First, start with the black Digi-Egg Kapurimon with the inherited ability: on your turn, while this Digimon has the Reboot effect it gets +1000DP. From Kapurimon you would go to ToyAgumon which gives the Digimon it digivolves into Reboot so it can take advantage of Kapurimon’s effect starting at level 4 instead of waiting until level 7. ToyAgumon would digivolve into TiaLudomon then digivolve into RaijiLudomon, both of these Digimon have the inherit effect of: when attacking, if this Digimon is level 7, trigger De-Digivolve 1 on 1 of your opponent Digimon. De-Digivolve is an effect that trashes a card from the top of one of your opponent’s Digimon only if it has digivolutions or wouldn’t become a level 3, basically allows you to turn a level 6 Digimon to a level 5 Digimon. So for example if I attacked and my opponent had a MetalGreymon on the field, I could trash the MetalGreymon making it a Greymon now and since this effect stacks if I had De-Digivolve 2 then could trash MetalGreymon and Greymon and make it an Agumon. Now, RaijiLudomon would digivolve into BryweLudramon which give the effect of Blocker, which can be used to force your opponent to attack this Digimon rather than the security stack or you directly, and finally digivolve it to RagnaLoardmon. On this path RagnaLoardmon would have the following effects:

-Security Attack +1: This mean when you perform a security check you can check up to 2 cards.

-Reboot and a +1000 DP on your turn for having is.


-De-Digivolve 2: drop a Digimon 2 levels.

This form of RagnaLoardmon isn’t a powerful but with the ability to weaken Digimon and with Reboot and Blocker will be able to attack your opponent and then defend yourself with it. So for those who may be more familiar with the game may ask, why I’m not using Zubamon or Ludomon (as seen below) which are the level 3 Legend-Arms Digimon as part of the digivolution lines.

Image from Official Digimon website

Well the main reason is these cards have “On Play” effects. An On Play effect only activates if I play directly to the Battle Area, meaning I can’t use them if digivolve the Digi-Eggs into Zubamon or Ludomon, so they are more useful if I play them straight out of hand. Their On-Play effect allows me to reveal the top 5 cards of my Deck and add 1 RagnaLoardmon Digimon card and 1 Legend-Arms Digimon card to my hand and place the rest at the bottom of the deck in any order. This will help not only get RagnaLoardmon into your hand but the other Legend-Arms Digimon help with Digivolving into RagnaLoardmon. However, you still use them to digivolve into RagnaLoardmon or use them to get some Blockers like Coredramon or Guardromon on the field.

Image from Official Digimon website

That should cover all the Digimon for this deck and so let’s move over Option and Tamer cards you will use to support your Digimon and will start with the Tamer cards as there are only 2 of them. I decided to use the red and black Tai Kamiya (as seen below) that is in the Release Special Booster 1.0. Now both version of Tai have an effect that at the beginning of your turn if you have 2 or less memory set you memory gauge to 3. This effect can’t stack but it is a good way to make sure you start with enough memory on your turn. Each of these tamers do have a 2nd effect that do stack so it will be good to have multiples. First the red Tai Kamiya, has a second effect of on your turn all of your red Digimon with 4 or more digivolution cards gain Security Attack +1. This is just another to beef up RagnaLoardmon so it can just go through your opponents security cards so on the next attack you can attack them directly and win the game. The black Tai tamer card second effect is on your opponent’s turn, all you black Digimon get +1000 DP. This will be helpful with Guardromon or any other black Digimon with the Blocker effect to give them extra power against your opponent when they attack. Another thing to note about Tamer and Option cards is they have a Security Effect, meaning if this card is in your security stack and is checked then the security effect is activated. Both of these cards have the security effect of Play this card without paying its memory cost so if you are lucky you may be able to get one of these cards on the field without using up resources.

Image from Official Digimon website

Last but not least, it’s time to go over Option cards. Option cards are mainly one time use cards that can either help or harm the Digimon on the battle field.

Image from Official Digimon website

First Option card is Gravity Crush, this card cost 0 memory and you gain 2 memory, however when you end your turn you lose 2 memory. Meaning if you decide it end your turn and you still have one memory left the memory gauge will move 2 spots and you opponent will start with 1 memory. This however doesn’t have a security effect so if it lands in the security stack it is just deleted.

Image from Official Digimon website

Great Tornado is a great boosting card that allows you to select a Digimon, give it +2000 DP and Security Attack +1. Remember how we said if you follow the red digivolution line to get RagnaLoardmon on would have a DP of 16000 on your turn. Well this card you can bump it up to 18000 DP and it would have Security Attack +4 meaning it can check 5 security cards, basically wiping the security stack in one attack. Also if has the security effect of if it is checked you can add it to your hand so you can use it later.

Image from Official Digimon website

Now Giga Destroyer is a expensive card to play to destroy 2 of your opponent’s Digimon that are 4000 DP or less, but it that could remove weaker Digimon with good effects or hurt someone’s path of digivolving into a stronger Digimon. Another thing to keep in mind is if this card is in your security stack and it is revealed the Main effect is activated and that would allow you to delete 2 Digimon without using memory.

Image from Official Digimon website

Oblivion Bird is in the same boat as Giga Destroyer that is as you pay a good chuck of memory to delete 1 Digimon with Blocker but if it revealed from your security stack and can still remove a blocker.

Image from Official Digimon website

Plasma Stake is a good way to remove a power Digimon on your opponents side and it also has a security effect that allows you to do the same thing but not have to pay the price.

Image from Official Digimon website

Beast Cyclone is another boost card that give all of your Digimon with the effect of either Blocker or Reboot Security Attack +1. Pair this with Great Tornado and you can just blow through your opponent and if the security effect is activated you get to add this card to your hand and use it for later.

Image from Official Digimon website

The final option card is Atomic Ray. This can allows you to Unsuspend 1 of your Digimon with Blocker, so if you attack with Blocker which would suspend it, you can unsuspend it and use it to block during your opponent’s turn. The security effect is really great as it not only unsuspends ALL of your Digimon with Blocker it also gives them a +5000 DP which will help if your opponent is attack with multiple Digimon or has a Digimon that can attack multiple times.

This wraps up the the Red/Black Legend-Arms deck or at least my version of the deck. Now there will different versions of these deck so find what you like and replace that with pieces you don’t like. If you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully this will give some people some ideas of a type of deck you want to build. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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