New Mario Kart Wishlist

Was playing some Mario Kart 8 the other day and I started to think what I would like to see in the next Mario Kart game. So rather than just keep my figure I would try to write them down and I share them with you. I decided to go break this up into 3 sections: Roster Changes, New Tracks and Features. Let’s start with changes to the Rosters.

With Mario Kart 8 there was a total of 42 characters you can race as. I feel like that is a good number so I figure we could swap out some of the cast out and would like to see Tanooki Mario, Cat Peach, Metal Mario and Pink Gold Peach be swapped out, but don’t worry they won’t be out of the game completely. Though I could have removed Browser’s minion, I decided since these are kind of just ‘costume’ variants of already existing racer might as well give those slots to unique characters. The 4 racers I would like to see in take their place is Princess Zelda, Capt. Falcon, Paper Mario and Diddy Kong and I promise I have some (good or bad) reason for adding these characters.

First, I picked Princess Zelda because I figure if Link could race so can Zelda, though I would go with the Breath of the Wild Zelda if I would add here. My pick for Capt. Falcon is since there are 2 F-Zero themed courses already in the game figure it would be fun to race as a character from that series. Now, why Paper Mario? Paper Mario came to mind due to the kart Luigi drives in The Origami King game and the crate from Crash Nitro Fuel game. Just a fun and a out of place character to race as, especially due to some of the karts that are in the game. Lastly, I would like to see Diddy Kong added to the cast, partly due to Donkey Kong being in the game but also due to Diddy Kong being in a racing game way back when and would be fun to see him in the driver’s seat again. So those are my 4 main picks I do have a few more though I will talk about them in the last section.

Next up is new tracks. Though it would be nice to think of 48 new courses, figure I would stick with 4 courses so they could make up a new cup. The first track I thought of was a Breath of the Wild themed track. I think a track that goes around the ruins of Hyrule Castle with some Guardians as course hazards would make for a possibly fun track. Also figure if there can be multiple versions of Rainbow Road there can be multiple versions of other trackers. The next track I thought of is one based on Splatoon. Now I know there was a Battle Mode course based on it but it would be interesting to start in Inkopolis Square, dip down into the subway from the Octo Expansion and maybe drive through a battle. Could be a point-to-point style of course rather than a lap. Now the next 2 course ideas are Mario themed with the first one being from Super Mario Odyssey. I think most the locations you visit during that game have a course base on it but my picks would be either New Donk City, Mount Volbono or Steam Gardens. Steam Gardens I think would be the most interesting as racing through the forest, rustic structure and underground. Maybe even make the T-Rex a hazard when you race through the underground section. The last course would be inspired by Toad Town from Paper Mario: The Origami King. This could be a shorter course but think going around the town and even having a section that goes by part of the Castle could be fun and just visually it would be interesting to drive through. An odd mix of courses but think it would be at the least interesting. Next let’s talk about some Features I would like in the next game.

I have mostly played Mario Kart in local mode and one little annoying thing that we could just pick do Cup races. It would be nice to have it like you do in Wireless and Online where everyone can pick a race and one is picked at random. It can get annoying to have to keep going back to the main menu after 4 races. Next little thing is a bit more control at unlocking items. Now unless I missed something, I couldn’t find a place that tells you what unlocks after X number of coins, personally I would like to see a menu where you can see how many coins you have collected and chose which kart, wheel and glider you want to unlock. Another maybe ‘small’ feature addition, would be the ability to save preset racer and kart configurations. It is kind of nice to be able save some setups you really like or want to try out. The last feature I would like to see for kicks and giggles is character costumes. This is where you be able to find Metal Mario or Cat Peach but it could allow other characters to be in the game without really adding another slot in the roster. Like have the Octoling be costumes for the Inklings or Dixie Kong as an alternate character to Diddy. Those are the features I would like to see in the game, they tiny features but sometimes it’s the little things that put a smile on your face.

This feels like just a massive wish list but I think these would be fun and “reasonable” additions to the series and hopefully another one is announced in the near future. Thank you for taking the time to read this and as always; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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