Deck Theory: Black Armageddemon/Diaboromon Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory, these post will be sharing my idea of a “original” deck for you to try out. Last time we made went the hero side and created a Blue Omnimon deck, but not this time. Today, we are making a deck around the main villain of the first movie, Diaboromon.

The focus of this deck is to get as many Diaboromon on the field as possible, which is possible as there are Diaboromon Tokens that can be summoned via Diaboromon’s ability. Another tool to use in this deck, is gaining power and abilities by having multiple Digimon with the same name. With that in mind, let’s begin to build this deck.

Deck List

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantity
Tsumemon (BT5-005)Digi-EggBlack3
Tsumemon (BT2-002)Digi-EggBlack2

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantity
Keramon (BT5-059)Digimon lvl 3Black4
Keramon (BT2-021)Digimon lvl 3Black4
Gotsumon (BT2-054)Digimon lvl 3Black2
Mekanorimon (BT5-062)Digimon lvl 4Black2
Kurisarimon (BT5-053)Digimon lvl 4Black4
Kurisarimon (BT2-059)Digimon lvl 4Black4
Infermon (BT5-029)Digimon lvl 5Black4
Infermon (BT2-062)Digimon lvl 5Black4
Diaboromon (BT5-084)Digimon lvl 6White3
Diaboromon (BT2-082)Digimon lvl 6White2
Armageddemon (BT5-085)Digimon lvl 7White2
Catastrophe Cannon (BT5-104)OptionBlack2
Spiral Sword (BT2-103)OptionBlack3
Spider Shooter (BT2-105)OptionBlack2
Arata Sanada (BT5-090)TamerBlack3
Takumi Aiba (BT5-091)TamerWhite3
Izzy Izumi (BT4-096)TamerBlack2
Diaboromon (Tokens)TokenWhiteX

So far Diaboromon is the only Digimon that uses Tokens but unlike games like Magic: the Gathering and you can get tokens in booster packs, you can go to the Official Digimon site and under the ‘Rule’ page there is a link at the bottom to a place you can download and print off the token. I’m going to place the link here for ease if you are interested.

Deck Breakdown

Digi-Egg Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Splitting the Digi-Egg deck between two versions of Tsumemon.

The BT5 version of Tsumemon has an inherited effect of once when attacking, you can draw one card. This will be useful to help dig through the deck to get cards you need. The BT2 Tsumemon’s inherited effect of on your turn and while you control another Digimon with the same name then this Digimon gains 2000 power.

Level 3 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

For level 3 Digimon, we go with two versions of Keramon and Gotsumon.

Gotsumon is used as an early blocker card to use to protect from early attacks on the security deck.

The BT2 version of Keramon, can play off the BT2 version of Tsumemon to where on your turn and you play a Digimon with the same name as this Digimon, draw 1 card from your deck. With the BT5 version of Keramon, you want to make use of it’s ‘On Play’ effect of revealing the top 5 cards of your deck and adding 1 Unidentified Digimon and 1 Arata Sanada card to your hand, then place the remaining cards at the bottom of the deck in any order. Both of these Digimon can help you try to get the cards you need in your hand and if you have enough memory, even get to play them.

Level 4 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

There are two versions of Kurisarimon you may want to use and both play off having Digimon with the same name. The BT2 version of Kurisarimon has an inherited effect of on your turn, when you play a Digimon of the same name as this Digimon, gain 1 memory. However the BT5 Kurisarimon has two effects, one is when Digivolving, if you don’t have a Arata Sanada card in play, you can play one without paying the cost. If you got lucky and played the BT5 Keramon you could get a Arata card in your hand to use this effect when Kurisarimon digivolves. This Kurisarimon also has the inherited effect of on your turn, all other Digimon with the same name as this Digimon gains Rush. The Rush effect allows Digimon that were played to be able to attack on the same turn. Playing Digimon from your hand gives them a ‘summoning sickness’ effect and can’t attack. This is more for the setup of when you have a Diaboromon on the field and you play one of it’s Diaboromon tokens, this would allow the token to attack the same turn it was played.

Lastly for the level 4 Digimon, we have Mekanorimon. Another blocker Digimon, but with the additional effect of on your opponents turn, if it deletes their Digimon in battle, you can unsuspend it. Basically as long as Mekanorimon can delete the attacking Digimon, it can block multiple attacks.

Level 5 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Only going to focus on Infermon for the level 5 Digimon. I really like the BT5 version of Infermon as it has the effect of you Digivolve Keramon straight to Infermon for the cost of 4 and ignore the requirements. However, the Keramon has to be in play and this effect can’t be used on a Keramon in the breeding area. It also has the inherited effect of if the Digimon is deleted, you can play a Diaboromon token without paying the memory cost. This helps get a Diaboromon out via digivolutions by skipping the need to get a level 3 Digimon to level 4 or paying cost to get a level 4 Digimon out there. The BT2 Infermon has the ability of lower the memory cost by 1 if you are Digivolving Infermon to Diaboromon. This will lower the cost to 2 or 3 memory, depending on which version of Diaboromon you are using.

Level 6 & 7 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Now it is time for main stars of deck. For this deck, there will be two versions of Diaboromon and a Armageddemon. I recommend using the BT5 Diaboromon on the field as when it Digivolves, you can play one Diaboromon token for no memory cost basically giving you two Diaboromon in one turn. The BT2 version of Diaboromon is what you will want to get in play as soon as possible. This Diaboromon has two descent effects. First, when it attacks you may play one Diaboromon token without paying the memory cost. The other effect is if Diaboromon would of been deleted in battle, you may deleted a Diaboromon token instead.

Now for the big bad Digimon that is Armageddemon and it has a couple of things going for it. First thing is, you can play this from your hand and though usually you would have to pay 15 memory which would end your turn, it has a nice effect of if you delete 1 of your Diaboromon you have in play, you can reduce the cost by 12. So, by removing one Diaboromon you can pay only 3 memory to put a level 7 15000 DP Digimon on the field and it has rush so it can attack right away after you play it on the field. Lastly, the third and final effect on the card says during all turns the ‘When Digivolving’ effects of level 7 Digimon don’t activate. This includes your Diaboromon, but if you set up enough tokens you shouldn’t need to digivolve it.

This is basically the end game of this deck is to re-create the army of Diaboromon from the first Digimon movie and wipe out your opponent.

Option Cards:

Spider Shooter and Catastrophe Cannon are basically here to remove power Digimon that you opponent digivolved into to. Both trigger De-Digivolving X which allows you to delete the X amount of top Digimon cards on a stack of digivolution cards if there is more then 2 and its not a level 3. Spider Shooter has De-Digivolving 1, meaning it can trash one card, and Catastrophe Cannon has De-Digivolving 2, meaning it can trash two cards. However Catastrophe Cannon has the additional effect of, if you have a Diaboromon in play, then you can play one Diaboromon token for free.

Lastly, Spirial Sword is just a card to help increase one of the Digimon’s power by 3000, though the Security effect will be helpful if you have a blocker suspended to get them unsuspend so they could block an additional attack. Let’s see which Tamers we could use to help gain memory and maybe buff some Digimon.

Tamers Cards:

Now on to Tamer Cards and first up is Arata Sanada. This card as two effects, first at the start of your turn, if you have a Digimon with the ‘Unidentified’ type, which is most of your deck, gain 1 memory. The other effect is during your turn if one of your Digimon digivolves into Diaboromon, suspend the card and you can play 1 Diaboromon token for free. This give you another tool to help get Diaboromon in some form into play.

Next is Izzy Izumi which has the classic, if you have 2 or less memory at the start of your turn, set to 3 and when it is played, revel the top 3 cards and if all are black, which they more then likely should be, gain 1 memory and place the cards back on top of your deck in any order. Help you see what cards you have coming up and help get what you need.

The last tamer to use is one that appears to be especially made to counter any Rookie Rush decks. Takumi Aiba has two effects, one is on your turn if a Digimon digivolves, you may suspend the card and draw 1 from your deck. The other effect is during all turns, all level 3 Digimon gain the effect of ‘When Attacking lose 1 memory’. This should deter any Rookie Rush style gameplay as it could burn through their resources and using Spider Shooter and Catastrophe Cannon can help keep only level 3 Digimon on your opponent side of the field. Now let’s move onto the Digivolution line you should probably take.

Digivolution Line

So for this Digivolution Line, could stop at Diaboromon at level 6 since the goal is to as many Diaboromon and Diaboromon tokens into play and activate effects based on rather there is one in play or not.

Image from Official Digimon website

Basically either Tsumemon are a good starting as most the Digimon are the ‘unidentified’ type and there multiple copies of the same Digimon so those effects will be usefull.

Next you want to use the BT2 version of Keramon to build off the Tsumemon effects and can be easily moved from the breeding area to the field so then you could Digivolve straight to Infermon. Now if you want to play it safe you could digivolve the Keramon to BT2 Kurisarimon just to continue the build up or if you move it our of the breeding area digivolve using the BT5 version and get a Arata card on the field for free. Either path to Infermon is find, but remember the BT2 Infermon can lower the cost of digivolving into Diaboromon where the BT5 version can make it quicker to get there. Lastly you want to get BT2 Diaboromon on the field as soon as possible to get those tokens a going. A pretty straight forward path to follow and with several Draw effects should hopefully be able to get the cards you need.


A limited deck Digimon wise but should the needed tools to help get those Digimon on the field. It was fun building this deck as I got to use the first Digimon movie as a source of inspiration of building a field full of the same or at least same type of Digimon. As always, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully this will give some people some ideas of a type of deck you want to build or not build. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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