Poké-vember Special: A “Good” Pokémon Organization

Throughout the Pokémon series there has been numerous evil organizations and not a lot of “good” organizations outside law enforcement, research groups and the Pokémon rangers. So, I figure it be fun to create my own “good” research-like organization, The Order of Xa.

To be honest, I sort of picked a Pokémon at random and one Pokémon that came to mind was Xatu. Not a really popular but it would be an interesting to have that whole purpose is to try to communicate and protect these Pokémon. The order of course would start in the Johto Region as that is the region that they were first introduced to, however the order could spread to other regions as more and more people want to know what Xatu see as in some of the Pokédex entries it describes that it doesn’t have the power to change the future. The other reason I picked Xatu as, the power to see and change the futures has always been a fun “grey” area for people to explore. There have been many stories where a villain wants to use that power to change their fate and gain power and wealth while, other stories focus on a person or group of people wanting to undo some tragedy in their life. So, another detail of this group is they also have council meeting after council meeting laying out “rules” they must follow to do with the information they obtain. Xatu would be the first of several Pokémon would expand to try to befriend to learn their secrets.

I would like to think over years the Order of Xa would also try to communicate and learn more about. The list of Pokémon would grow to include: Spiritomb, Cofagrigus, Runerigus, Golurk, Sigilyph and Beheeyem. All these Pokémon have either an ancient or mysterious theme to them and would make great subjects for the group. The group would be subtle in their appearance as they only thing that would let you know they are in the group would be Xatu themed badge or amulet they wear. As for trainers in the group, if they were in the game, I would say they would use the listed Pokémon and probably any other Psychic-type Pokémon that calls their region home. The Order of Xa wouldn’t be a major group but if put into a game, I would say would make some fun side characters as some of the members may be more “vocal” about the need to communicate with Xatu to learn about the future.

Didn’t work out a lot of details for this group as I wanted to keep it at more of a concept level. I’m excited that there is a Pokémon game coming out where you are more of a “researcher” than a normal trainer and I’m always wanting to explore the world of Pokémon from a different pair of eyes other than a trainer. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!


Here are 7 codes for the online version of the Pokémon TCG:

25th Celebration Packs:







Sword & Shield-Darkness Ablaze: 6WP-6NQX-7Y2-QPR

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