Poké-vember Special: Favorite Pokémon TCG Cards

The Pokémon TCG was my first dive into the world of trading cards games and I figure I would take a little time and talk about some of my favorite cards I have collected over the years. I tried to pick cards from various sets both old and new though there was a major break of card collecting from the Neo Genesis where I stopped collecting to the X/Y series when I dived back into the series. Also before we start, sorry for the quality of the pictures, I’m barely good at writing and haven’t added photography to the tool belt yet, but let’s begin looking at some cards.

Starting with one of the oldest cards in my collection is a base set Machamp. Not sure why I like this card so much but the multiple arms and colors in the background it makes a anime-like scene of the classic “slow-mo multiple arm strike” scene.

Up next is, probably the worst of the camera work, but Wartortle from Base Set 2, I believe. Think the painting-like look the card has is why I like this card so much.

Probably one of the saddest cards in the series but I have always enjoyed the cards the told a story, and if you are familiar with Cubone’s Pokédex entries and involvement in some stories in the game, then this scene of a Cubone looking into the night sky hits a bit different.

Ledyba may not be a popular Pokémon but I always enjoy these crayon art style cards.

Probably one of my favorite versions of Marill I have every seen.

The last of the cards from older sets, another card I’m not quite sure why but I have always liked the look of the card. The simple image with a smokey background seems to work quite well.

Not only is Aegislash one of my favorite Pokemon but I have grown to love this in-action art styles they do with the cards.

Same thing with another favorite of mine, Bewear. I also grown to like the reverse hollows that have the big symbol off center with smaller symbols behind it, a much better design in my opinion.

I like this Sylveon for 2 reasons. First, I has the crayon-like style that I like to see and second, the series of cards that have the charm hanging off the name plate I think are really cool and have collect and kept a few in my permitted set.

This Latias & Latios card is just a extremely well done scene and just live the colors in the background.

Another Tag Team card, but I like this one more for the scene the the Raichus make. Especially the Alolan Raichu’s face as it hangs on for the ride is just a nice detail.

A recent addition to the collection but this full art version of the classic Pikachu from the Base Set Pikachu was a nice touch for the 25th anniversary. Been have tempted to frame this card with a copy of the Base Set Pikachu I have in my collection.

Those are some of my favorite cards from what I have kept and collect over the years. I’m pretty much done with collecting Pokémon cards, though if they come out with special sets like Generations or another Celebration set I will probably dip back into it for that. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!


Here are 7 codes for the online version of the Pokémon TCG:

25th Celebration Packs:





Celebration Special Collection-Pikachu V-Union: GB9-7KCB-PZN-WGT

Sword & Shield-Darkness Ablaze: Y4B-LMB7-LTN-B9M

Sword & Shield-Battle Styles: K99-TL4T-Q4T-BDP

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