Deck Theory: Red Sistermon Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory post, a series where I go through my collection and try to make a somewhat descent deck and after taking a bit of a break from the deck building and the latest set being release figure it is time to build a new deck. As a side note, this deck will follow Banned and Restricted cards that are in effect up to April 2022 and with that let’s dive into the deck build.

I messed with the Sistemon cards when I did my Yellow Royal Knight deck but think I have a lot more synergy with this Red deck with focusing on the Huckmon line and Sistermon cards to play off each other. Also added a hint of the Guilmon line for some extra power. Let’s look at what cards make up this deck.

Deck List

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantityPrice/Card *
Bebydomon (BT1-002)Digi-EggRed2$0.36
Gigimon (BT2-001)Digi-EggRed3$0.26
*Prices based TCGPlayer Market Price*

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantityPrice/Card*
Huckmon (BT6-009)Digimon lvl 3Red3$0.43
Huckmon (BT7-009)Digimon lvl 3Red3$0.17
Guilmon (BT2-009)Digimon lvl 3Red2$0.16
Sistermon Blanc (BT6-082)Digimon lvl 3White3$0.50
Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) (BT7-082)Digimon lvl 3White3$0.24
Growlmon (BT2-013)Digimon lvl 4Red3$0.14
BaoHuckmon (BT6-011)Digimon lvl 4Red4$0.18
Sistermon Ciel (BT6-084)Digimon lvl 4White3$0.63
Sistermon Ciel (Awakened) (BT7-083)Digimon lvl 4White3$0.26
WarGrowlmon (BT2-017)Digimon lvl 5Red3$0.20
SaviorHuckmon (BT6-015)Digimon lvl 5Red1**$0.25
Jesmon (BT6-016)Digimon lvl 6Red3$4.13
Gallantmon (BT2-020)Digimon lvl 6Red1$6.42
Scrap Claw (BT1-091)OptionRed3$0.07
Judgement of the Blade (BT6-093)OptionRed3$0.17
Gravity Crush (BT1-090)OptionRed3$0.21
Tai Kamiya (BT1-085)TamerRed2$13.28
Sora Takenouchi (BT2-084)TamerRed2$0.20
Takumi Aiba (BT6-069)TamerRed2$0.88
*Prices based TCGPlayer Market Price*/**as of April 2022, SaviorHuckmon is a restricted card and can have only 1 copy in your deck**

The main idea for this deck is to get Sistermon on the field so other abilities can be activated such as increasing DP and giving Digimon Blocker or Piercing. The Sistermons are playing a more of a support role, while Huckmon line and Guilmon will do most of the attacking. The other focus is deleting your opponent’s Digimon via abilities to grow their trash power so the Guilmon line abilities can be used.

Deck Breakdown

Digi-Egg Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Splitting the Digi-Egg deck between Gigimon and Bebydomon.

Gigimon is used to help build Digimon that will gain bonuses when the opponent gets 5 or more cards in their trash pile.

Bebydomon is used to give Digimon with Piercing a power boost and with the help of Scrap Claw and one of Jesmon’s abilities will make it easier use that effect.

Level 3 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

For level 3 Digimon, we are using 2 versions of Huckmon, Guilmon, Sistermon Blanc and Sistermon Blanc (Awaken).

Huckmon (BT6-009) has the On Play effect of revealing the top 5 cards and adding 2 cards with Huckmon, Jesmon or Sistermon to your hand. This especially usefully for adding either of the Sistermon cards which is useful for either of the Awaken Sistermon.

Huckmon (BT7-009) has a similar effect, but its an inherited effect that activates when attacking and can only be used once per turn. You still reveal the top 5 cards of your deck but you can add ALL cards with Sistermon in it’s name to your hand.

Sistermon Blanc is used to make the other Sistermon cards gain Blocker if a Digimon with Huckmon in the name or has the Royal Knight trait is in play. This gives you some extra Defense and given some abilities to play extra Sistermon to help build that up.

Sistermon Blanc Awakened plays a different role. On Play you can add a Sistermon Blanc from the trash or your hand to the bottom of it’s digivolution cards and if you go you can recover, or add 1 card from your deck to the security stack and when it it deleted you can add a Digimon with Jesmon, Huckmon, or Sistermon in it’s name (not Sistermon Blanc (Awakened) from the trash to your hand. This card is more to help rebuild your security stack and to get some needed cards back in your hand.

The final level 3 is Guilmon which is mainly used to build up you level 4 and up Digimon with a DP bonus while there 5 or more cards in your opponents trash.

Level 4 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

The feature level 4 Digimon for this deck is BaoHuckmon, Growlmon Sistermon Ciel, and Sistermon Ciel (Awakened) and mainly focus on deleting your opponents Digimon.

BaoHuckmon gives the inherited effect of once per turn when this Digimon attacks and you played a Sistermon, you can delete 1 of your opponents Digimon with 5000 DP or less. This is to help with putting cards in your opponents trash to activate effects of your Digimon.

Growlmon is another Digimon with effects to add cards to your opponents trash by the inherited effect of when attacking, delete one of your opponents Digimon with 2000 DP or less. A good way counter rookie rush or to keep the field clear.

Sistermon Ciel gives Digimon with Huckmon in their name or has the Royal Knight in their traits an additional 2000 DP and when played will give you a memory.

Sistermon Ciel (Awakened) has a similar effect of when played you can add a Sistermon Ciel to the bottom of the digivolution cards but this time you can delete one of your opponents Digimon that cost 5 memory or less. It also will allow you to add a Jesmon, Huckmon or Sistermon (other than Sistermon Ciel (Awakened) to your hand on deletion.

Level 5 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Only two level 5 Digimon for this deck and you are only allowed 1 SaviorHuckmon but given it’s ability’s it makes sense. When you Digivolve into SaviorHuckmon, you may play 1 Sistermon card without paying any memory and then its inherited effect of once per turn, when this Digimon attacks and have a Sistermon in play, you can unsuspend which will allow this Digimon to attack for a second time.

WarGrowlmon also has a couple of effects to help you out. First, when Digivolving into WarGrowlmon and if you have a red Tamer in play, you can delete 1 of your opponent’s Digimon with 3000 DP or less and has the inherited effect of giving the Digimon an addition 1000 DP if there are 5 or more cards in your opponent’s trash.

Level 6 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Time for the power hitters of the deck: Jesmon and Gallantmon.

Jesmon is a fun card especially when pair with SaviorHuckmon. First effect, is when attacking you can play a Digimon with Sistermon in it’s name from your hand or the trash without paying the memory prices. This pairs well with the other effect of once per turn, if you played another Digimon this Digimon will gain 3000 DP and Piercing. Piercing is a good effect to have to deal with Digimon with Blocker so not only do you remove the Blocker from play you also can still do a Security Check and lower your opponents security stack.

Gallantmon is the main Digimon that make use of all those cards you sent to your opponents trash. First effect is when Digivolving into Gallant and you have a red Tamer in play, you can delete 1 of your opponents Digimon with 6000 DP or less. The second effect is when attacking, you can Trash 1 of your opponent’s security card for every 10 cards in their trash so if you can at least get ten in their trash that .

Option Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Starting with Judgement of the Blade, it is another way of remove your opponent’s Digimon that are not suspended and if this card is in your security stack, you can play a Sistermon from your hand or trash and then add the card to your hand.

Scrap Claw gives one of your Digimon Piercing effect, combine this with Bedydomon is a way to give your Digimon an additional 2000 DP.

Lastly, Gravity Crush is just a way to gain some memory, mainly so you can get the Sistermon or Huckmon on the field.

Tamers Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Now on to Tamer Cards, starting with Tai Kamiya. This is to ensure you at least start each turn with 3 memory and to give all your level 6 Digimon an additional Security Attack to help cut through your opponents security stack.

Sora Takenouchi is to help power up your Digimon when they attack the player, i.e. during Security Attacks and what not to keep them on the field.

For the last tamer, I’m bring Takumi Aiba as it is a good way to counter a rookie rush deck and when you Digivolve a Digimon you can Draw a card which can help get Sistermon in your hand for some of the other effects.


Probably one of the better deck theories I have come up with. The combo of Sistermon cards and Huckmon cards I feel like can make it easy to build a strong defense if you give all Sistermon blockers or a way to overhelm your opponent given the effects to play a Sistermon card for free and still use their On Play effect. As always, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you join me next time as the next deck we build will be more machine like. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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