Poké-vember Special: Digimon Adventure 02 DigiDestined as Pokémon Trainers

Last year I did a fun experiment where I took the DigiDestined from Digimon Adventure 01 and giving them a full team of 6 Pokémon, which you can check out here. So, I figure I would do the same thing with the main cast of Digimon Adventure 02 but with a bit of a twist. I will still be giving get character 6 Pokemon, however, 3 of which will be their solo team and the other 3 their double battle team. Since 02, focus on Jogress/DNA Digivolution, where 2 Digimon would fused to create a more powerful one, thought if would be fun to take that pairing and make Double Battle teams. As I did before here are the main rules I followed when making these teams:

  • No Starter Pokemon
  • No Mythical/Legendary Pokemon
  • 2-3 different Types

Again when making these teams I didn’t keep what would work in the competitive scene and more about picking Pokémon that could be tied to reference to the DigiDestined or their partner Digimon. Also, I will be focusing on the ‘core’ DigiDestined of 02 which were: Davis, T.K., Kari, Yolei, Cody and Ken. Maybe next year, I will bump them all up to Gym Leaders/Elite 4 but for now they are just regular trainers. With the basic covered, let’s start with Davis and Veemon.

For Davis’ solo part of his team, I focus on trying to represent the 3 armor Digimon Veemon turns into: Flamedramon, Lighdramon (or Raidramon for some English viewers) and Magnamon and focus on picking from Electric, Fire and Steel type Pokémon. Turonator seem to be a good fit for Flamedramon, especially for the armor side of the design and I choose Luxray design wise it was the closet to being a good electric Pokémon to represent Lighdramon. For Magnamon, I just felt Aggron was the best way to represent the armor Digimon and Mega Aggron would be a good call for maybe a nod to Magnamon X-Antibody.

Images from Pokemondb

Before we talk about Davis’ doubles team, we have to talk about his partner, Ken. Ken was easy as for his solo team, I just focus on Bug type due to Wormmon and Stingmon and Dark since he started the season as the villain. For Ken’s solo team I pick: Beedrill to as the Stingmon rep and Accelgor to be the Wormmon rep as it is the only worm looking Pokémon that was fully evolved bug-type. I choose Drapion was a nice way to get a Dark-type Pokémon on the team but still have a Bug look to it.

Now for the Double Battle Team for Davis and Ken, I focus on 3 types: Bug, Dragon and Steel. Bug and Dragon as Palidramon is the DNA digivolution of ExVeemon and Stingmon and Steel due to the increasing armor of Imperialdramon. On Davis’ side I picked: Duraludon solely cause it is Dragon/Steel, Salamence as design wise it make a good Imprialdramon (Dragon-mode) rep and to wrap up Davis’ team, Kommo-o to be the Imprialdramon (Fighter-mode) representation of the team. As for Ken’s half of the team, I picked: Scizor and Escavalier to rep the bug half of Palidramon and the armor it will get and Scyther, as the blades that Imperialdramon have. Next up is Cody and T.K.

Cody’s solo team will mainly focus on Ground and Steel type as a nod to Armadillomon, Ankylomon and Digmon. Sandslash is the best and really only Pokémon to be the Armadillomon rep for Cody’s team. Bastiodon is the closets thing I could think of as a Ankylomon replacement and to wrap-up Cody’s solo team, I picked Exadrill. I know it doesn’t have the bug elements that Digimon have, but design wise this is much closer to Digmon.

Images from Pokemondb

Cody’s DNA digivolution partner was T.K. and to be honest, I pulled Pokémon from his team I made last year since again I focused on Fairy and Psychic types. T.K. solo team would be Wigglytuff as the Patamon replacement. Galarian Rapidash to fill in for Pegasusmon and finally Gallade to be the Angemon rep.

As for the Doubles Team for Cody and T.K. I mainly focused on Psychic Pokémon and mainly those that had a ancient/construct look to them to match up with Shakkoumon design. On Cody’s side, I gave him Claydol, Solrock and Bronzong and I gave T.K; Beheeyem, Sigilyph and Metagross. This team was purely on design and probably the one I am the happiest with. Now, it’s time for our final team of Yolei and Kari

Yolei had the same issue with Sora of being stuck with Flying type, but thanks to Shurimon was able to through Grass type into the mix. Yolei’s solo team is made up of Braviary, Staraptor and Shiftry. Pretty start forward with Braviary and Staraptor are reps for Hawkmon and Aquilamon and Shiftry being the Shurimon rep.

Images from Pokemondb

Similar to T.K., I got lazy and took some Pokémon I put on Kari’s 2021 team. Kari’s solo team are: Gardevoir for Angewomon, and Espeon and Liepard being the Gatomon rep one being the good side and the other being Gattomon ‘evil’ side. For Yolei’s and Kari’s Doubles team, I tried to capture Silphymon energy with flying and fighting type Pokémon. Yolei took most of the fighting half of the team with Hawlucha, Sirfetch’d and Breloom and for Kari’s half I picked Medicham, Togekiss and Pidgeot. I threw in Medicham as I used psychic type to fill in for the “light” of the Gatomon. Hawlucha and Sirfetch’d were some of the only feathered fighters I could find but I think they work out.

Thinking of Doubles Team for each DNA Digivolution pairing was a bit of a challenge but figure it was the best way to capture a unique trait that the series had. Will maybe continue this in the future but if there are different ways or event cast member you want to see let me know. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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