Poké-vember Special: Pokémon Wishlist

With a new region being introduced within the world of Pokémon, a new chance some of the older Pokémon to get some love. In today’s blog, I am looking through the long list of Pokémon and picking some that may (or may not) deserve a Paldean variant and or a new pre-evolution or evolution. Now to help limit the list of possible mon I came up the following rules:

  • Pick 2 from each generation.
  • Doesn’t already been given a regional variant
  • Doesn’t have a special evo (Mega Evolution/G-Max)
  • Hasn’t been given a new pre-evolution or evolution in a later gen (Like Magmar, Jynx, etc).
  • No starters/legendary/mythical Pokémon.

These rules do eliminate a good chunk of Pokémon but that still left quite a bit to pick from, especially from the 5th generation and I believe I have pick most one that haven’t been seen in any of the Scarlet/Violet trailers but I may of missed some but that is okay cause this is for fun. With the basics out of the way, time to start Generation 1.

From the 1st generation of Pokémon, I chose the Arbok line and Tauros. I’m a bit surprised how the Arbok line hasn’t been given much love over the years, especially given it’s presence during the earlier seasons of the anime series. I would add the Dark typing to Ekans and Arbok, and though this introduce more weaknesses, it would be interesting if the Ekans was given a bigger rattle on its tail and make the ‘face’ on the ‘hood’ on Arbok’s body scarier so they can scare smaller Pokémon and trainers easier. For Tauros, adding a calf Pokémon that can evolve into either Miltank or Tauros would be cool, I personally would like to add the Ground typing to Tauros. Normal/Ground may not be the best typing but it given Tauros is often given moves like Earthquake, would be nice to give it STAB for those type of moves. Next up is Generation 2.

From the regions of Johto, I picked Dunsparce and Skarmory. Dunsparce is one of my favorite Pokemon, mainly for the memory of finding it in Dark Cave during my first playthrough of Pokemon gold and trying to make him work for my team. I would love to give Paldean variant and make it pure ground. As for Skarmory, I would like a more streamline looking evolution that finally gives it the speed that it deserves. Now let’s look at the Pokémon of Hoenn.

Generation 3, was a bit hard to pick from because a good number of Pokémon were given Mega-evolutions, a few were given later evolutions and to be honest, I kind of like most of the Pokémon as is and wouldn’t make too many changes. However, I was able to narrow it down to Torkoal and the Flygon line. Now, I will probably make some people said, but I would make the Paldean Flygon line all Bug/Ground. Design wise, these Pokémon have always looked more like bugs and maybe they gain more bug like traits to survive in the forest or jungle instead of desert. Torkoal has been seen in the new Pokemon trailers but it would be interesting to see it get a evolution and add the Steel typing to it. Make the edges of the shell and claws sharper to help with it’s coal digging. The next two generation gave me issues.

Generation 4 and 5 were the toughest as I have the least amount of experience with and I don’t like most of the Pokémon from these region. However, for gen 4, I picked my favorite poison Pokémon of the Drapion line and the Toxicroak. This one is going to be pretty simple and just have Drapion keeps its bug typing when evolving from Skorupi. Not a good choice change ways but maybe keeping more blade like front claws help. As for the Toxicroak line, I would just make both pure fighting because kungfu frogs would be cool. Not my strongest picks but still would be fun to see.

Generation 5 was another I struggled with as there weren’t many Pokémon I could come up with changes for, but I finally chose the Scolipede line and the Gothitelle line. To be honest, the more I think about it, I was a bit surprised they didn’t give the Gothitelle line a Galarian form and give it a more punk like look and make it Dark/Psychic. Still think a punk looking Gothitelle would work for one of the bosses for Team Star. Now for the Scolipede line, solely based on how Whirlipede looks I thought it be cool to replace the Poison with Steel type and still give Scolipede the ability to roll up and roll at opponents with steel like spikes.

Just like that, we are in Kalos to pick some generation 6 Pokémon. A small selection to begin with but I made the odd picks of the Florges line and the Gogoat line. For the Florges line, I would just add the grass type to it and have the plants become more part of it’s body. For Gogoat and Skiddo, maybe just add the Rock typing to Gogoat to help survive in the mountains. And with that we have reached generation 7 and the Alola region.

Generation 7, introduced the concept of regional variants so it was fun to pick Pokémon that would get regional variants. From Generation 7, I picked the Tsareena line and the Mudsdale line. For the Tsareena line, I would add the Fighting type to Steenee and Tsareena. Given Steenee needs to learn stomp to evolve and Tsareena signature was Trop Kick, fighting would be a good addition. For the Mudsdale line, I would just add the Steel or Fighting type for the sole purpose it has several of either in its possible move pool and would be nice to give it a bit of STAB for those moves.

And lastly, we have made it to Generation 8. This set of Pokémon was hard to pick from just due to lack of imagination on my end but I was able to narrow it down to the Grapploct line and the Eldegoss line. For the Grapploct, I know adding the Water typing would my sense but I think making it Fighting/Dark and have these Pokemon know for fighting dirty would be a nice twist. For final pick, I think giving Eldegoss the flying type would be interesting and give it more control when it is being carried by the wind.

Those are just some of the Pokemon, that it be cool to see get a little more love in the future games. As much as I enjoy new Pokemon being added, with the introduction of regional variants, its been fun and surprising to see some Pokemon re-imaged and sometimes improved. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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