Mike’s 2019 Gaming Watch List

As another year begins, so does wait for games releases and announcements for upcoming games.  I figure I talk about some of the games I am either interested in or excited to try to play this year. Let’s begin with games that have actually release dates for the 2019 year.

Kingdom Hearts 3:

As a fan of the Kingdom Hearts series, I am both super excited and nervous for this entry in the series. After a long wait from the conclusion of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, which came out in 2012, we are finally getting the conclusion of the Sora saga. From what I have seen game play and visual wise it looks like it will be a fun game to explore and some interesting new mechanics. The point of worry for me is the story. The story of this series is complex and has a lot of loose ends to tie up and that is the part that worries me. In my opinion the addition of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and χ(chi) and Xehanort as a whole added more questions than answers and if this truly the end of a saga are all the questions going to be answered or are some going to left answered for a future game in the series. Here is hoping that the game will be meet most people expectations and is well worth the wait.

Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled:

Crash Bandicoot N. Trilogy brought the orange tornado to modern consoles and appeared to have gotten a lot of love and many were hoping that Crash Team Racing would also get the same treatment. I loved playing CTR with friends and family on the PS one and I am happy to see this game come back with an updated look and some new content. Since this is the last of the original Crash games, hopefully the next time we see Crash in a new adventure. Worry for me on this game will be how it controls and how online play will be handled.

One Piece: World Seeker:

This game caught my eye as it seemed that One Piece as a game series was dipping into the open world genre. Most of the One Piece games I have played have either played like Dynasty Warrior or a 3D fighter. The only game I played had a bit of “open world” was One Piece: Unlimited World Red and even then, I think it was mostly one hub world with various levels. It will be interesting to see how much of an open world will be able to explore and how combat will be changed from previous games. This one I am definitely going to wait on as to see how much content it actually has.


Now let’s shift over to games that are planned or rumored to come out this year.

Yoshi’s Crafted World:

I haven’t been able to play a lot of Yoshi titles but they have always looked interesting and this one has caught my eye. The game play, the presentation and the ability to flip the world around are some of the things that I am looking forward to. Hopefully Nintendo will release more info on this one with an early Nintendo Direct to confirm if the plan to release in Spring is still on.


The next bring project from the people that brought you Little Big Planet and Tearaway appears to that, a big project. From what I have seen of Dreams it looks to be a creative sandbox where you create and share various experience. I feel like Little Big Planet had a great creative community that made and shared so many good levels that this will hopefully attract those people to this game. Another aspect will be if it has an VR mode to it as that would make fore another VR experience. Hopefully this will be a 2019 release but a late stable game is better than on time broken game.

Concrete Genie:

Another art focus game, Concrete Genie looks to be a heartfelt game about a young boy using art to escape his world. It looks and hopefully will be a charming game with a great story and fun game play that will such a joy to play-through. Another Spring 2019 release so here is hoping.

Digimon Survive:

The Digimon Cyber Sleuth games got me excited for other Digimon Games and when the trailer for a Digimon Survival was release I have been looking forward to this game. The tone from the trailers make it appear that the story will be darker than other games and will have the player make decisions that alter the story. Game play looks to be a grid-based strategy RPG and I like the look of the game. Hopefully we at least more info about this game as it is the 20th Anniversary of the Digimon television series.

Pokémon Switch:

Lastly the game that has been on Pokémon and Nintendo fans minds since the announced Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Now to be honest, I can’t tell if I’m just not excited for it or just being extremely skeptical about the next entry. I wrote a bit about my feelings about Pokémon Let’s Go in my 2018 Gaming Review and how I thought it did its job of being an entry level and a hook for Pokémon Go players, but also how it misses the chance to have people look forward to a Pokémon Game on the Switch. What I didn’t talk about was how playing the game made me realize even though I enjoy the main Pokémon Games, but I really want a different main series game. If I could wish for 2 major changes for the next Pokémon game it is:

  1. Add a League Tournament to decide the League Champion and make the Elite Four and current League Champion post-game content
  2. A bigger world to explore. I personal think traveling a Pokémon region the size of maybe half the map of Breath of the Wild would be more fun.

I will hold on to my wishes and hopefully we will get some more info about the new Pokémon game. More info will probable appear in the Spring or during E3.

Those are the games that I am looking forward to either playing or at least getting more information on. What games are you looking forward to this year? Thank you for reading and until next time: Peace, Love and enjoy the game.

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