Mike’s January Gaming Update

The month of January was a bit light on gaming but I did get around to playing through a couple of titles and began a bigger game. I am going to first talk about game I have completed or at least done a play through of and then talk about a current game in progress. This one is probably going to be a short one so let’s get started.

Completed Games

GRIS (Switch)

One game that finally caught my eye was GRIS by Nomada Studio. GRIS is a beautiful gaming experience. The game has an amazing art style and some great music makes the world a great experience. You play as a woman who must goes on a journey to restore their world and restore their life. I found to not be overly difficult and it definitely felt like there was more focus on story rather than difficult game play. This is not a bad thing by the way, I felt like there wasn’t a lot of challenge to the game play which allowed you to enjoy the world rather than looking for a way to defeat an enemy or trying to solve various puzzles. There were some parts where I had to figure out how to continue travel on a path but nothing that made me pull my hair out. GRIS was a nice game to chill out with and would recommend it. It currently available for the Swtich and through Steam, check the link here for more info.


Minit (Switch)

Minit published by Devolver Digital was quite the opposite of GRIS. The story of Minit is one day you find a curse sword that make you live out your life 60 seconds at a time. This was unique and fun and forced the player to play out their moves more wisely. Playing a game in 60 second intervals was challenging as I tried my best to either explore as much as I can to learn about what I needed to do or complete as many tasks as possible to move the story along. Exploring the world was really the only way to get an idea of where you should go next. It may seem unfair to be stuck in a minute loop, luckily you can change your spawn point so less time is wasted. My first play through took about an hour and half and I only completed 50% of the game. Another point to this game is there are some secrets side quest to complete as well which adds more to the game and actually makes me want to come back and play more of it. Minit was one of those games that made a great time killer and I would highly recommend. Minit is available on the Switch, PS4, PC and XBOX One and to find out more about the game click the link here.


Games in Progress

Spider-man (PS4)

After buy the game and having it sit on my PS4 for about a month I finally got a around to starting this game. Insomniac Games’ Spider-man seem to be on everyone’s watch list and once I saw that most of the DLC was released and saw a good deal on it, decided it was time to pick it up. Have to say, I have really enjoyed the game so far. Moving around the city is probably the best parts of the game and some of the side things like the items in the backpacks and J Jonah Jameson’s radio show bring a smile to my face. Though I am not really great with the combat, moving with Spider-Man’s speed and power at times is just fun to watch. I’m not too far in story was as I spent a lot of my time completing the map, finding the backpacks and completing side quest allowed me to explore and try to get better at moving and fighting with the web-slinger. Hopefully by the end of February, I am either close to being done with my first play through or at least have made some progress, but no promises as my focus is shifting to Kingdom Hearts 3.

If you interesting in learning more about Spider-Man, click here.


That is all for now. Until next time, play some games and love each other.


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