My Top Ten Digimon!

Was wanting to post some form of writing while I am working on my playthrough of Pokémon Crystal and Kingdom Hearts: Memory of Melody, so figure I would talk about 10 of my favorite Digimon. Most the Digimon that made the list are from the various Anime series that made their way over to the states and the Digimon Cyber Sleuth games and I will more then likely use their English names because I’m lame like that. So, with that said let’s start with number ten.

10. Gomamon

Gomamon is one of my favorite Digimon partners from the first Digimon Adventure series. I really enjoyed the his humor and his series of Digivolutions.

9. Terriermon

I really like the design of Terriermon for some reason but my love for this character definetly comes from the first Digimon movie and the Digimon Tamers series. Another Digimon that has a cool Digivolution with the armor and non-armor version of Rapidmon.

8. Tentomon

Another Digimon where most of the love comes from the anime series. I really enjoyed Izzy and Tentomon has a team in the first series and have really enjoyed their dynamic during the 2020 reboot.

7. Etemon

One of my favorite main villain Digimon, this Elvis sounding creature was always a joy to have on screen. Also in Digimon Cyber Sleuth there is a fun side of side missions where they are a somewhat liked artist and even sales CDs in the real world.

6. Raidramon

I really enjoyed the addition of Armor Digimon in the 2nd Digimon Adventure series and Raidramon had in my opinion one of the best designs.

5. TigerVespmon

I was introduced to TigerVespmon in Digimon Cyber Sleuth and I like really like the design mainly because it looks like it could be in a Power Rangers or Kamen Rider shows.

4. Gaimon

Another Digimon that I was introduced during my playthrough of Digimon Cyber Sleuth games. Overall, I really like the design of a samurai Greymon.

3. Diaboromon

Diaboromon is one of the more interesting villains in the Digimon series and one of my favorite Digimon from the movie.

2. RizeGreymon

Though I am indifferent about Digimon: Data Squad as a series, I do like all the new Digivolutions they gave the Agumon line but for me RizeGreymon always stood out to me cause of how they took parts of MetalGreymon and added it’s own twist.

1. Beelzemon

Beelzemon is one of my favorite Digimon. A lot of it does come from the Digimon Tamer series on the story surrounding him. Design wise, really like the badass biker look and in the 2020 Digimon TCG they gave him such a cool like Alternate Art.

Hopefully with the success of the new Digimon card game, the new Digimon Adventure series and hopefully the release Digimon Survive a new slew of Digimon will get them time in the spotlight because there are a lot of Digimon that some of the fan from overseas didn’t get to see. With that, thanks for reading and hope you have a good morning/day/evening.

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