Gaming Journal: September

Welcome back to another entry of me talking about games I may or may not complete. This will be a shorter post as September got taken over by a busy schedule and I also started to work on a D&D campaign, which I may share details once the campaign start. This post will cover Destiny 2 and two new games I put some time in. So let’s start with Destiny 2.

 Destiny 2 (PC):

Cut down my Destiny play time to just the weekend as it’s now just completing the story mission and doing a little grinding. The season has complete a couple of cycles now so the ‘excitement’ of discover the new details is going away. The story has been enjoyable but the weapon focus for this season, which is Pulse rifles, Fusion rifles, Linear Fusion and bows, is mostly weapons I do not like using in the first place so it’s hard to get motivated to complete weapon focus missions. It continues to be just a good time killer and hopefully the expansion will be worth it.

Dice Legacy (Switch):

Dice Legacy was a game that caught my eye as a survival game with dice seem like an interesting idea that I have really only seen in board games. Concept wise, the game works, each side of a dice represents a tool; compass for exploring, sword for combat, pickaxe for resource gathering, etc. and as you advance your settlement, you can change dice from peasants to citizens or soldiers to change the focus of the die to combat or development. So far the only threats I have dealt with is, raid attacks and the winter. Basically you are preparing to survive the winter and if you don’t have spaces by a steam heater they have a chance to be frozen and can’t be rolled until thawed out. I like the concept and look of the game but its controls and map spacing can be a pain. The world map is on the inside of a ring, so it curves up as you move along, but the spacing of the spots is really close and there really isn’t over the top camera view so building start hiding behind each other and can be hard to navigate. Going to try to put more hours into the game before I give my final thoughts.

Eastward (Switch):

Didn’t put a lot of time into this one, but I’m already hooked into this game. I have a feeling that the story could take a darker turn once I leave the main city. I really like the artwork and the world and cast of characters is very charming. Can’t wait to play more of that game.

September kind of got out of hand, but hopefully will make a dent in the backlog. October may be more of Fight Feast than a Fright Feast, as I don’t play horror/scary games and with the new Nickelodeon brawl game and the final Smash Bros. DLC being released, I may focus on fighting games for the rest of October. With that all said remember to Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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