Show Talk: Digimon Adventure (2020)

Digimon Adventure 2020 has wrapped up and now it is time to take a look of the 67-episode season and the very roller coaster like journey it was. Just as a head up there may be spoilers in the blog, you have been warned. Overall, it was a good experience, but sadly it was a series where the overall journey wasn’t great but had some amazing stops along the way. I will do my best to point out the good, the bad and what I would like to see if they continue the series. Let’s start with the good.

The series though overall wasn’t great, it had quite of few good parts that made it enjoyable. First, thing I want to mention is the use of Digimon. This series did a great job of not only bringing back Digimon from previous Digimon series but also gave a few Digimon their first anime appearance. I enjoy this as it gave the Digital World a feeling about the vast and varied population it has and was nice to see some of your favorite Digimon from other series. Another thing they did well some the Digimon is alternate Digivolutions. The one thing I really like about Digimon is varied evolution paths a single Digimon can take and getting to see those other paths was kind of cool though I will they did more of it. The last thing I liked they did with the Digimon, was in the final episode they showed off some abilities of Omnimon/Omegamon that I haven’t ever seen before and that was cool to see as it continued to show that effort the writers did to show off the Digimon. As much as I liked the focus they gave to the Digimon in the series, they also did a good job with most of the cast. The human cast of the series for the most part got plenty of screen time and most had a few episodes for development minus Tai and Sora. Mimi and Joe ended up being my favorite characters in the series and are the focus of some of my favorite episodes. I am always a bit worried when there is a big cast as I’m not sure if the everyone will get a decent amount of time in the spotlight but they did a great job. These are some of the things that I like about the series but now let’s focus on the short coming of the series.

The major short coming of the series was the overall story. The overall story really didn’t flow well and didn’t make the big villains feel important, but instead feel slapped on. The villains really were the focus of only a few episodes before the finally battle so it really didn’t help with making them feel like a real overall threat to the world. The second major issue was the inconsistent quality of storytelling and animation. This is normal is anime shows but when it is consistently bad it can take away. Birdramon gets the worst of it throughout the series of looking extremely stiff in most of its scenes. The other animation thing is I kind of wish the other Digimon got the same level of quality for the evolution scenes. I understand, Tai and Matt are the main focus, and most of the scenes were good but it didn’t hit the same as for Agumon and Gabumon. Even though the flow of the story was not great, there were some great episodes but only if they didn’t follow the formula. At the beginning of the series, is where I feel like it was the worst where it becomes very formulaic which can made it a bit of a struggle to get through. The other issue was the pacing of the show. For me it had a bit of a weird feeling of moving but not going anywhere. It felt like we just had episodes just to show off the next digivolution and a little bit of character growth, which is fine and all but would have meant more it also progress the story. These may be personal nitpicks, but I still enjoyed the show for the most part.

Last thing I want to cover is what I would like to see from the series moving forward, if they did come back to it. Luckily the final episode did leave some crumbs of what a 2nd season could look like and hopefully will explore more of the relationship between the Human and Digital world, especial if it is done in a time of “peace” just something fun and different for the series. I would also like the characters and Digimon to make a return as well. The other thing I would like to see from a Digimon series is more “chosen” or tamer involvement in the battles. It’s one of the reasons I was such of fan of the Digimon Tamers series is the human characters were able to sway the battle by modifying the Digimon with either weapons or just powering them up. It’s a pretty short list as of writing this Digimon: Ghost Game is out will be interesting to see what this show brings to the series. I have seen episode 1 and it has my attention with more direct interaction between the bad Digimon and the real world. Overall, if you are a new comer to the series this wouldn’t be a bad place to start though as the it is a good showcase of Digimon design. If you are familiar with the series, I would find a recommend episode list that showcase the best parts of the show. I’m still happy that I went through the series and keeps me excited to see what is next for Digimon, hopefully something good. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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