Arcade Spotlight! The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (Switch)

The Legend of Zelda series has been a series I knew about or at least had an idea of what it was and that is mainly due to not having methods to play the game. However, that changed when the Switch came out and I made sure to pick up the newest game in the series: Breath of the Wild. It was an awesome experience and when I heard the Link’s Awakening was coming out, I was excited to play it….sometime. I finally picked up the game and after playing it off and on for some time, I made it to the credits and want to share the things I liked, didn’t care for and what I like to see in the future.

The Good:

The first thing I want to point out is the art style they went with for this remake. The toy-like look of the game as it made it feel really unique feel to the game and helped with the ‘dream’ appearance it was going for. This just made the environments so fun to explore as I wonder aimlessly trying to figure out what was needed next.

Which is another thing I enjoyed about the game was the total freedom to explore and discover what was needed for the next step in the story. It seems like it been a long time since I have played a game that just pointed you in a general direction. Though a small world there still seem to be plenty of secrets to look for as I ran around trying to find the next item or gate.

The last positive I have for the game was is the use of the weapons and tools. I understand that this is kind of a regular thing in the other Zelda games but I was nice to finally experience it for the first time. Bombs and arrows became my favorite extremely fast during my playthrough.

Overall, I had a fun time playing through the game and just enjoyed the journey. However, there were a few little things I didn’t care for.

The Bad:

The first little issue I had with the game was weapon system. I may of missed something but it would of been nice to have a weapon wheel type thing to be able switch on at least one of the buttons instead of having to pause the game to make the switch. I kept the feather on at all times cause I like the ability to jump at all time and would use the second button for whatever weapon or tool I needed for an area.

The other thing that bugged me a bit was the trading sequence part. I will admit this probably just a me thing and I probably missed something, but don’t remember seeing a lot of hints or clues stated saying you needed to complete it to get important items. This is just a little annoyance I had with the game and made me think I kept missing something.

The last thing that rubbed me the wrong way was size of some of the boss battle rooms. Given the size of some of these bosses, I feel like some of bosses could more easily land a hit on me or make it really hard to being able to hit their week point. The Armos Knight and the Hinox fights rooms were two I felt really had this problem.

Those are some nitpicks I had about the game, they didn’t take a lot away from my experience and that is always a plus. Now, to move on to what I would like to see in the future.

The Future:

I normally have few things for this section, but there is really one thing I would like to see from this remake going forward. If they, for what reason, decide to remake the other 2 Legend of Zelda games that were on the Gameboy, Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons I believe. It would be interesting to see those games in the same art style of this remake and would be a nice theme to stick when remaking certain games from older consoles. I will be honest, I don’t know much about this games but I would enjoy seeing more Gameboy games get new life on newer consoles.


As a stranger to the series, Link’s Awakening was a good game to dive into as it could show the variety of storytelling and gameplay methods that the series has used during it’s long history. I’m glad I am finally taking a look into the series and will hopefully be jumping into another Legend of Zelda game soon. Thank you for taking the time to read this mess of words and until next time: Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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