Deck Theory: Green Bancho Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory post, a series where I go through my collection and try to make a somewhat descent deck and this is one of 2 Deck Theories for Digi-cember. I made December the month were I spam my love for the series and figure I kick it off with some Digimon that would probably be on the naughty list.

I chose a green for this Bancho Digimon deck as of the current cards green has the most Bancho Digimon. So on top of using making sure I use BanchoLeomon, BanchoLillymon and BanchoStingmon, I also focused gaining power and resources from deleting and suspending my opponents Digimon.

Deck List

Digi-Egg Deck (5 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantity
Minomon (BT3-004)Digi-EggGreen2
Frimon (BT1-008)Digi-EggGreen3

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantity
Tentomon (BT1-066)Digimon lvl 3Green3
Palmon (BT1-067)Digimon lvl 3Green3
Bakomon (BT6-045)Digimon lvl 3Green3
Togemon (BT1-074)Digimon lvl 4Green3
Woodmon (BT1-072)Digimon lvl 4Green3
Leomon (BT4-055)Digimon lvl 4Green3
Stingmon (BT3-050)Digimon lvl 4Green3
Okuwamon (BT1-077)Digimon lvl 5Green3
GrapeLeomon (BT4-057)Digimon lvl 5Green3
Lillymon (BT1-079)Digimon lvl 5Green3
BanchoStingmon (BT3-058)Digimon lvl 6Green2
BanchoLillymon (BT5-055)Digimon lvl 6Green2
BanchoLeomon (BT4-061)Digimon lvl 6Green2
Smashed Potatoes (BT1-109)OptionGreen3
Flower Cannon (BT1-110)OptionGreen3
Puppet Pummel (BT2-100)OptionGreen2
Cherry Blast (BT2-101)OptionGreen2
Izzy Izumi & Mimi TachikawaTamerGreen2
Mimi TachikawaTamerGreen2

Deck Breakdown

Digi-Egg Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Splitting the Digi-Egg deck between Frimon and Minomon.

Frimon will give it’s Digivolutions additional 2000 DP on your turn if your opponent has 2 or more Digimon suspended. Minomon, gives it’s Digivolutions a additional 1000 DP for the turn when it attacks one of your opponents. Mainly will use these to power up Digimon for either a security attack or to attack your opponents Digimon.

Level 3 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

For level 3 Digimon, I chose Tentomon, Palmon and Bakomon.

Tentomon has the inherited effect on when it attacks, you can suspend one of your opponent’s Digimon with 3000 DP or less. This is a good way to stop your opponents Blocker Digimon or activate a effect that requires suspended Digimon.

Palmon when it is played to the field allows you to reveal 3 cards from the top of your deck and add 1 level 4 Digimon to your hand. A way to get more powerful Digimon in your hand and ready to play.

Bakomon has the inherited effect of when it attacks, if your opponent has 2 or more Digimon suspended, you gain 1 memory which can help get resources to play more cards.

Level 4 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Starting with the card on the left, Woodmon is this deck’s blocker to add a bit more defense to your security stack.

Togemon has an effect that when Digivolving to it, you can reveal 3 cards from the top and add 1 level 5 Digimon to your hand. A good card to combo off of Palmon with to add 2 cards to your hand and to setup more Digivolving.

Stingmon has an inherited effect of once your turn, if you use that Digimon to delete one of your opponent’s Digimon and it survives, you gain a memory.

Lastly for the level 4 Digimon, we have Leomon with a effect of when Digivolving into this Digimon, you can suspend one of your opponent’s Digimon with 3000 DP or less. It may seem like you are only suspending weaker Digimon but clearing off your opponents fields makes them waste resources replacing Digimon needed for Digivolving.

Level 5 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

For Level 5 Digimon, I went with Okuwamon, Lillymon, and GrapLeomon. Okuwamon has an inherited effect similar to Stingmon as on your turn, when the Digimon deletes your opponent’s Digimon and survives, gain a 1 memory so combine that with Stingmon would allow you to add 2 memory after deleting a Digimon.

Lillymon has the inherited effect, when it attacks, you can suspend 1 of your opponent’s Digimon without blocker. Lastly we will use GrapLeomon and attack as often as possible so you can gain 1 memory when it does.

Level 6 Digimon Cards:

Images from Official Digimon website

Now it is time for main stars of deck: BanchoStingmon, BanchoLeomon and BanchoLillymon.

BanchoStingmon could be your main attacker as it has piercing, an effect that when this Digimon attacks and deletes an opponents Digimon (i.e. a Digimon with Blocker) it would allow you to still complete a security check. It also has an effect of when it attacks an opponent’s Digimon with 12000 DP or more, BanchoStingmon will gain 7000 DP, putting it at 16000 DP and Security Attack +2 which will allow it to make 3 security checks and with piericing you could remove a powerful Digimon off your opponent’s field and possible remove 3 security cards from your opponent’s security stack.

BanchoLeomon and BanchoLillymon though may be more powerful then BanchoStingmon, they have “On Deletion” effects which targets your opponent’s Digimon. BanchoLeomon can suspend 2 of your opponent’s Digimon when it gets deleted and BanchoLillymon can return 1 of your opponent’s suspended Digimon to the bottom of it’s deck which trashes all of the Digivolution cards that was under it.

Option Cards:

Starting with Smashed Potatoes, this card for the turn the next green Digimon that digivolves from level 5 to 6 you can decease the cost by 4 which given this deck will be a free digivolution. Flower Cannon is another tool to suspend of your opponent’s Digimon, though if it activated from your security stack it can suspend 1 Digimon without Blocker.

Puppet Pummel, similar to Flower Cannon, but after it suspends one of you opponent’s Digimon, you can give 1 of your Digimon 2000 DP for the turn. A good card to use if you want attack a Digimon on your opponent’s side.

Lastly, Cherry Blast also suspends Digimon but it can suspend all the opponent’s Digimon with 6000 DP or less. Mainly the option cards are used to suspend Digimon to hopefully active you Digimon’s inherit effect.

Tamers Cards:

Now on to Tamer Cards and only using two tamers for this deck. First up is Mimi Tachikawa, this will guarantee that you will at least start your turn with 3 memory and if you have level 5 Digimon, you can suspend this tamer to either, hatch 1 Digi-Egg card if the area is empty or move 1 level Digimon from the Breeding area to the battle area. Good to use after you already move a Digimon from the breeding area at the start of your turn.

The last tamer is Izzy Izumi & Mimi Tachikawa, at the start of your turn if your opponent has a suspended Digimon, gain 2 memory, which if you use the other Tamer you could start the turn with 5 memory. During your turn, when you use one of your level 5 green Digimon, you can suspend this tamer to reveal 3 card from the top and if there is a 1 green level 6 Digimon among them, you can digivolve it onto the attacking Digimon for no cost then place the remaining cards at the bottom.


Though these Bancho Digimon would still be on the naught list, hopefully this deck will be somewhat good. Should be an annoying deck as you will spend most the time suspending your opponent’s Digimon and either making them useless for blocking your attacks or be the targets of your attacks. As always, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully this will give some people some ideas of a type of deck you want to build or not build. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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