Digi-cember Special: Putting myself into the world of Digimon!

*Note: I will be using the English translation for most of the terms as it was what I am more familiar*

As a kid, I also thought about what it would be like to be in the world of Digimon, which Digimon I would pick as a partner and even what my device would like. So, after many years of pondering that idea I figure I would explore it more and put myself inside the world of Digimon. For this thought journey I set a few criteria to focus on to try to streamline my thoughts and I came up with the following:

  1. Pick a Digimon Universe (pick a game, season or manga to be put into i.e Adventures, Tamers, World, Cyber Sleuth etc.)
  2. Digimon Partner(s) have to start out as rookie.
  3. Pick or design a Digivice, but it must fit into the universe.

Simple but hopefully focused criteria and with that in mind, let’s pick a Digimon Universe.

The reason for choosing a Digimon “universe” is to give me some base rules when thinking of Digimon, Digivolutions and the Digivice design. So for example, if I picked Xross Wars, I could have multiple partners, but would then have to think of possible Digi-fusions instead of Digivolutions. After thinking about this for while, it ended up being a toss up between Digimon Adventures 02, solely for Armor Digivolution and Digimon Tamers, but Tamers won out in the end. One of the main reasons I liked the Tamers season so much it I felt that the human partners were more useful than in previous seasons and the ability to give your partner extra speed, wings and the such was really helpful. There is one change I am making about the Digivolutions for my partner and it is I’m ignoring bio-merge Digivolutions which was used to to gain Mega-Digimon in the series and it will be “normal” Digivolution going from ultimate to Mega. With the universe decided on, let’s now pick a Digimon partner.

Since in Tamers, most of them had one partner, I will then just have pick one Digimon. For this process of picking a Digimon and their Digivolutions, I decided to use the list of obtainable Digimon from the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth games just help simplify the process and I tried the more “popular” Digimon like Agumon, Patamon and such. As I looked through the list of Digimon, I was able to narrow it down to two and I figure I would explore both options just for fun. For option 1, I picked the small blue dragon looking Digimon, Dracomon.

Images from the Digimon Reference site

Dracomon was one of the Digimon I grew to love in the Cyber Sleuth games and where I was introduced a lot of Digimon for the first time. What I also liked about Dracomon is in the game it had a Wind/Sky based Digivolution path and a Ground/Earth based Digivolution which could be used to DNA Digivolve into one of the Royal Knights so I had a lot of Dracomon on my teams and farms. As for the Digivolutions for Dracomon, I decided that it would go from Dracomon to Coredramon (Blue) to Wingdramon and finally Slayerdramon for the Mega. I really like Slayerdramon design and the chain sword is a really cool and I feel like it flows pretty well design wise. The other Digimon Partner I consider is Ryudamon.

Images from the Digimon Reference site

I picked Ryudamon mainly because I like the Dragon-Samurai design and I tried to give that in mind as in it’s Digivolutions. So for Ryudamon, I decided it would go to Ginryumon to Hisyaruymon and then Gaiomon for the Mega digivolutions. Now, the more common Digivolution for Hisyaryumon is Ouryumon, which is also cool and is a giant Dragon with 2 massive blades, but I like the design and look of Gaiomon way more and is one of my favorite Digimon from the game. Now, in the game, you can go from Dracomon to Ginryumon and still be able to get Gaiomon but I feel like the design flow works better with Ryudamon and think I would go with it as my partner. With Ryudamon as my partner it is now time to pick or design my Digivice.

For my Digivice, since I had pick to be in the D-Power Digivice which was a slot on the side of the device to swipe the cards through for Digi-modify. However, I modified the D-Power Digivice and added a bit of influence from another series from my youth. Here is the D-Power Band.

This horrible mock up of a Digivice takes parts from the D-Power and the card slots from duel disk from the Yu-Gi-Oh series. Instead of swiping the card, I would slide the card into the slot like I’m placing a trap card in a duel. Digivices that are worn on the arm is nothing new to the series as I believe in the original Digimon manga the main character had one. I thought of trying to have it hold the cards and using the screen to select a card, it would then spit it out, like the duel disk do when a card comes back from the graveyard, and them place the scanner at the bottom of the device but thought that would make it too completed. It wouldn’t be a slime looking as the Digivices in Ghost Game but I really like this initial design and would make a cool Digivice. With that, that wraps up this thought journey of me being in the world of Digimon.

I do honestly think Ryudamon would make a great Digimon partner and even though my Digivice is probably a bit wild but I would like to have one for kicks and giggles. My love for the series has grown a lot over the past couple of years and I can’t wait to see what new Digimon and Digivices they will add to the series. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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