Digi-cember Special: Kingdom Hearts-Digimon Crossover!

*Note: I will be using the English translation for most of the terms as it was what I am more familiar*

I find it fun talking characters from different movies, shows, games, etc. and through them into a another series. I did this last month when I took the Digidestine of Digimon Adventures and threw them into the world of Pokémon and gave each one a full team of six. This time around I am taking part of the Kingdom Hearts cast and giving them a Digimon partner. For this one, I used the following guide lines:

  1. Give each character a Rookie or Champion Digimon Partner.
  2. Give that partner Digimon at least a Ultimate level Digivolution.
  3. Use the list of obtainable Digimon from the Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth games (this is mainly cause I was lazy and already looking for the list for another post).

With those guide lines lets start with the star of series Sora.

For Sora, I felt like Hackmon was a good fit. Hackmon is seen as a young and adventurous Digimon that grows and trains to become of the Royal Knight Digimon and I thought that was a nice way to reflect on Sora’s journey through out the Dark Seeker Saga. I decided that Hackmon would make it all the way to Mega and digivolve into Jesmon. I like the chose of Jesmon as I think it would fit well with Sora’s Ultimate form design wise and given both wield multiple blades, felt like a good fit. Now, lets move on to Kairi.

Kairi’s Digimon partner I felt had to go more of a plant route based on her keyblade and the flower theme seen in the Kingdom Hearts DLC and Melody of Memories. I chose Lalamon as I felt like it would fit better in a island environment and the pick goes well with Kairi’s design. For the Mega digivolution, I had to go with Rosemon as a way to reflect Kairi’s growth as a character and hopefully will be able to shine through in the future (if the writers get the crap together). Let’s wrap up the island trio with Riku.

With Riku, I actually started with the Mega level Digimon and then worked my way back. I think Alphamon fits Riku well given that it has been used as a hero and villain throughout the series and Riku’s walking the line of light and darkness seem to work together in some weird way. As for the rookie partner I went with Dorumon as a way to lower the amount of double dipping into digivolutions lines. Now let’s shift over to some of the Nobodies of the series, starting with Roxas.

If you read my previous post where I gave myself a Digimon partner (which you can read here), I picked Ryudamon and I think it would also work with Roxax. The samurai theme works as the Samurai type of Nobodies were linked to him during his time with Organization 13. I kept Gaiomon as the Mega digivolution as its not only my favorite but imagining it as a Nobody just seem to really work with it being Roxas partner. Next up is Naminé.

Naminé was one of the harder ones to pick for mainly due to limiting number of wizard/witch looking Digimon in the Cyber Sleuth roster, so that is my bad. Similar to Riku, I started at the Mega levels and worked my way down, but I ended starting with the Ultimate level Digimon: Wisemon. Wisemon I think goes well with Naminé especial if it is the version as seen in Digimon Adventure 2020 as it is seen more as a researcher and records keeper and given Naminé’s role in restoring Sora’s memories felt like it works out in a weird way. As for the rookie Digimon, I went with Salamon as design wise it seems to work putting these two together. Xion is up next and man this was another tough one.

I tried my best to have some theme with the partners and sadly the first Digimon I though of was Puppetmon given how she was seen as nothing more as a puppet. Yeah, that was a bit of a dick move on my side so inside I decide to go a different path and treat Xion as alternate version of Kairi so I went with Palmon that would turn into Lotosmon. Lotosmon is another Digimon I think would make a good Nobody design and I think they ended up working well together. For the last one of the Nobody batch is Axel/Lea.

For Lea, I went straight for Guilmon as it is not only a fire based Digimon but having the option to go into either Gallantmon or Megidramon works well for Lea as the once villain turned hero. Gallantmon I think would make a good partner for Lea as way to reward him for his efforts in the series and given he does become a Warrior of Light in the end fits well with having a Royal Knight partner. Now we move on to the Wayfinder trio, and starting with Aqua.

I picked Lunamon as Aqua’s partner given the water based attacks it has and using the Mega level Digimon Dianamon to tie in with Aqua’s armor, felt like it went well together. I did feel like I should of started Aqua with a Champion level Digimon given that she is a Keyblade master but felt like she could use a cute starter Digimon given what she has been through. Now, let’s move on to Terra.

Terra, I felt like needed more rough and raged Digimon so I decided to start him out with a Gaomon that would turn into BanchoLeomon to somewhat reference the “dark” side of Terra. I originally wanted to started him with Leomon but then I decided to try to make more of an effort to give as many Rookie partners as I could for this post. And wrapping up the Wayfinder trio is Ventus.

Veemon felt a good partner for Ventus especially given the Adventure 02 personality. From there, based on Ven being more focus on speed and aerial combat I figure UltforceVeedramon would make the perfect Mega level Digimon for him to be partnered with. Also I figure it would be fun to try to use as many of the Royal Knight Digimon as possible this given cast. Now I got most of the trios done, figure I give the “Disney Trio” of Mickey, Donald and Goofy, some Digimon as well to wrap this post up.

I will fully admit this is more on the joking side for these picks but the only other “royal” Digimon in the list I picked by but I feel like I made it work. So I gave Mickey a Starmon, a champion level Digimon, as a partner to reference the stars that were in the design of most of the Keyblades Mickey used in the series and then digivolved it into PrinceMamemon to reference the king part of his character. I don’t know why I like this pairing so much, but it does bring a smile to my face. Next up is Donald.

I ran into the same issue with Donald as I did with Naminé with the limit number of wizard/mage type Digimon in the list I could pick from. So instead I went the bird route and started him off with a Hawkmon that would then turn into a Valodurmon. Valodurmon is a holy bird so figure that may count for some points. Donald is definitely one I will have to redo when I give myself more time to look through the entire list of Digimon. Now let’s turn to our last character for this post is, Goofy.

For Goofy’s partner I felt like I had to go with more of the defensive and bulky Digimon. With that in mind, I gave him the champion level Digimon, Guadromon that would turn into Craniamon. Though Craniamon has a spear, it does focus more on the defensive side with it’s armor choice and a special move to make an iron wall for defending itself and others. Also one of the Digimon in the digivolution line is Knightmon so it just works out to pair these to up. And with that, I have given a good number of Kingdom Hearts characters some awesome Digimon.

I will admit, not the best selections I could have made but I felt like most of them worked out one way or another. Hopefully you like this idea because, I think it would be fun to go through another round of characters from Kingdom Hearts and try to give them Digimon partners. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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