Looking Back, Looking Forward and Thank You!

Hello all!

As the new year starts, it is a good time look at the past 12 months and see what we can learn to prepare ourselves for the next 12. However, before I start with that, I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read the posts I made through out 2021 and will hopefully will like what I produce during 2022. It took awhile to get into the groove of things but got into some routine of regular content and ended the year with a couple of “themed” content with Pokémon focus content in November and Digimon Focused content in December. I liked blogs that were produced though the method and timing getting them published could of been better. I have also liked the regular content of trying to to a Deck Profile at least once a month as those have been fun to write. Overall, I’m happy with my content in 2021, but I need to make changes to make better content for 2022 and behind, hopefully. With that, figure I would give readers a slight glimpse into what is in the works.

First of all, let’s talked “regular” content or at least the attempt of regular content. Now for most of 2021 the regular content was the Gaming Journal and the Deck Profile post, however, I would to change that to be at least 1 Deck Profile post and 1 Arcade Spotlight post a month. For the Deck Profile post I will probably stick with the Digimon TCG as that is what I am collecting at the moment. I would like do more Arcade Spotlights as I have a slew of games I want to finish and talk about so hopefully that will happen more in 2022. This will be the plan to release the regular content on a monthly bases unless it is a “themed month”. I enjoyed Poké-vember and Digi-cember and would like to try to do at least 3 themed months a year. The some of the ideas I have for themed months:

*February=Kingdom Hearts Month
*May=Anime game Month

*October=Fighting games Month

*November=Pokémon themed month.

*December=Digimon themed month.

Content for themed months will mainly be “thought journey” post, i.e. What if Sly Cooper was in Kingdom Hearts, and would like to do 3-4 post for that month. This is for two reason, first one is to somewhat make up for there only be 2 post a month for most the year and the second reason is, force myself, or at least try to use the extra time to work on themed month post a lot earlier so then I can work on Deck Profile and Arcade Spotlight post and maybe have time for special post.

I would like to try to share my thoughts on things like Nintendo Directs and E3. One thing I will try to do with those post is try to give them a bit more polish and do more of a summary a few days later rather than try to have a quick turn around on those post. I like to talk about games both old and new and hopefully I will be able to more of that in 2022. Now, that covers most regular content but I would like to talk a bit on two of the special pages on the site: Controller Worthy and Brick and Model.

These two pages will be sticking around but thinking of how I make them better. Brick and Model will probably stay as is as I will talk about sets as I get them done so those will be spread out throughout the year. However, Controller Worthy will probably go through a face lift and make it easier to read and navigate. I will honestly try to update that every other month as every game may not make it into a Arcade Spotlight post but may still be one I would recommend. Hopefully life doesn’t get too crazy and interrupt the flow of content but it is what it is and just happy to continue this journey.

The last thing I would like to mention is the timing of these changes. The start of this new list of content will begin in February with a month focused on Kingdom Hearts and March beginning the start of regular Deck Profile and Arcade Spotlight post. As for the rest of January, other than this update post, I will make one post talking about the games I am excited for and want to see in 2022. Other than that will will be quit on this site for the rest of the month.

With that, think I covered all the updates I wanted to cover for the blog site. There is a chance I may start streaming on twitch again (been a love/hate relationship for awhile now) but I still on the fence on that. Reminder to keep an eye on my Twitter page as that is where any announcements about blog post will be announced and also where I talk about current games/projects. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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