2022 Gaming Watch List and Wish List

Another year, another list of games that I will buy to grow the monster of a backlog I have create. So to start the year out I figure I would go through the list of games, the Gameinformer and IGN lists, with a 2022 release date, been announced for 2022 and talk about a few games I would like to see in 2022. Let’s start with games with “confirmed” release dates for the month of January.

Games coming out later this month the only ones that I’m a bit interested in is Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Nobody Saves the World. The Pokémon Legends game will just be interesting to see how far off the usual course they will go on and see if this will become a new series, probably not but who knows. I’m keeping a eye on Nobody Saves the World since it’s created by the folks over at Drinkbox Studios, the creators of the Guacamelee games, and as a fan of those games I curious to see what a game that it a RPG where you constantly have to change your form to battle through enemies and solve puzzles will work.

In February, I’m really going looking to is Sifu, Horizon Forbidden West and the Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2. Sifu looks to like an interesting “rouge-like” were you see you character age with experience as you play. I enjoyed my time with Horizon Zero Dawn and am super excited to see what the sequel will bring to the world. Lastly, the Witch Queen looks to be bringing a fun story and hopefully fun mechanics to Destiny and will hopefully keep my attention for awhile and will actually put some time into it.

For March the only game that I have some interest in is the Chocobo GP game really only because I like kart racing games and after that it isn’t until June where the long awaited Cuphead DLC may be release and that I am excited for as I just love the art style of the game and wait to see more. With the “confirmed” games out of the way now let’s look at some games that are likely to be release in the next 12 months.

Going to start with the game I really want to come out or at least get an update on is Digimon Survive. The early trailers of this game has had be hook and I am just wanting to see an update on the game to give me a bit of hope. In February there will be a online Digi-con and hopefully will get some news on that then. Another game that caught my eye is Ghostwire: Tokyo, now I usually don’t do horror games but this looks interesting enough that I may give it a shot but will definitely look for people who are streaming this game. A game I didn’t know I wanted that will hopefully come out this year is Kirby and the Forgotten Land. I have played a few games from the series and have grown to like the games as a just a fun way to pass the time and hopefully this will keep up the trend. Next game I hope to see this year is, Little Devil. First shown during a couple of the Playstation presentation, I was grabbed by this game due to the interesting art style and possible “monster of the week” story that will unfold.

Mario+Rabbids was a cross-over game that I didn’t think I would like but fell in love with and hopefully the sequel still be as fun but with a bit more polish on it. Another sequel I’m excited for is Oxenfree 2, Oxenfree was such a good game and I’m curious to see what the sequel will bring to the story. I didn’t play too many of the side-scrolling beat’em games but I am super excited for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge game to come out. Been a fan of a few of the animated series and the new game looks some much fun especially with friends. The last game with a 2022 window I’m looking forward to is Slime Rancher 2 and I am super surprised and happy this game was announced. Slime Rancher was just a good game to sit back and play if you wanted to chill out at the end of the day. So these are the game with a 2022 window, but now it is time create a wish list.

Wishlist this year will be a bit short but I decided to shrink it down to only a few games just to keep my last remaining hope alive as most of these are extreme long shot ideas. Starting with a new Sly Cooper game or port. After playing the newest entry in the Ratchet Clank series it made me wish that the Jak and Daxter or Sly Cooper series were still had new adventure and also I would love to play the first 3 Sly games on the go if possible. Another game that has been lost to time is a new Puppeteer game. For those who don’t know, Puppeteer is a PS3 platformer were you play as a small puppet who can change heads to get new powers. The presentation of the game was so good and I really want another game in the same style. Another series I want to get a sequel is a more recent game called No Straight Roads. No Straight Roads was a fun action game where a small rock band tries to take down a group of EDM artist that control the city and with a sequel I would love to explore more of the world and see how other cities are setup. For my final item on my wishlist, given it is the 20th anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts series, I would really like a game that focuses on Aqua and Kairi. It would be nice to see Kairi grow more as a Keyblade wielder and would be interesting to explore some familiar and new worlds with Kairi and Aqua. I have a feeling that we will get some game that expand and setup the story before we even get an announcement of Kingdom Hearts 4. A list full of long shots but would love to see them.

Hopefully 2022, will begin a road of recovery for many people and hopefully more happiness comes with it. Video game wise I am always looking forward some surprise announcements and release that explore new concepts and styles. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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