Kingdom Hearts February Special: Worlds I would like to see.

Growing up one of the things I looked forward to when a new Kingdom Hearts game was announced was the worlds would be offered up to be explored. In Kingdom Hearts 3, we got to visit some of the Pixar world’s like Toy Story and Monster Inc. as well as some returning worlds of Pirates of the Caribbean and Hercules. So as we wait for news of the next series of Kingdom Hearts games to be at least announced, let’s think of some worlds that would be fun to see Sora and the gang explore.

One world I really would like to see just cause I feel like the movie needs more love, is Atlantis: The Lost Empire. This version of Atlantis would be fun to explore especially with Sora’s current move set and Kida as a partner could make up some awesome combos. Given the current game engine, Atlantis could look super beautiful in the current generation of gaming.

Another movie that could be fun to play in is Nottingham from Robin Hood. Another movie from my childhood, I feel like Robin Hood could work well in the Kingdom Hearts game as this would be a world where only Sora would have to change forms as Donald and Goofy would already fit into the world. Have a feeling they would go with a cat version as he was a lion in the Lion King’s world and his monster form in the Monster’s Inc. world had cat-like features. I know that the older generation of Disney movies have had good representation in other Kingdom Heart’s games but one more wouldn’t hurt.

Now moving on to a more modern film, despite the series kind of allowing you fly through space, there haven’t been a lot of worlds in space so I think a world based on the movie Wall-E would be fun. Seeing Wall-E and Sora run around the space ship just sounds a good time. I feel like Sora and group would stick out more in this world as the only walking humanoids but maybe it’s time for a robot Sora to enter the series. Though you would be stuck in the ship the whole time, given the ship’s size there could be a lot to explore.

The next world, may be a little more out there and less desired but a world based on Meet the Robinsons could be fun, especially if center on the Robinson’s house. I personally enjoyed the movie when I was younger and I feel if they play up the more wacky side of this world, there could be some fun and crazy heartless that this world could produced.

For the last world and most recent world, would be one set in the world of Moana. I feel like Sora would thrive in this world and if they added a few more islands or those attacking little mask guys to explore and fight it could be a fun world. This world could also have a fun sailing mini-game to do as you move from site to site. I know most of this world would be out on the ocean but I think it could make for a fun time.

There are some of my picks for potential new worlds in future Kingdom Hearts games and at least half could make for some fun worlds. It will be interesting to see what worlds both new and old will be seen in future games and I can’t wait. And with that, thank you for taking the time to read this and until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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