Deck Theory: Red/Black Cyborg Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory post, a series where I go through my collection and try to make a somewhat descent deck and this time we are diving a more into the Machine and Cyborg side of Digimon. As a side note, this deck will follow Banned and Restricted cards that are in effect up to April 2022 and with that let’s dive into the deck build.

Today we are creating a Red/Black Cyborg Deck. The stars of this deck is Chaosdramon from BT7 and Machinedramon from EX1 as both make use of Cyborg Digimon especially the level 5 Digimon so the deck will be filled with that and ways to get the those card in your hand. So lets look at we are working with.

Deck List

Digi-Egg Deck (4 Cards):

Card Name/NumberTypeColorQuantityPrice/Card *
Dorimon (BT7-005)Digi-EggBlack2$0.21
Pagumon (BT6-005)Digi-EggBlack2$0.27
*Prices based TCGPlayer Market Price*

Main Deck (50 Cards):

Card NameTypeColorQuantityPrice/Card*
Hagurumon (EX01-045)Digimon lvl 3Black2$0.04
ToyAgumon (BT6-057)Digimon lvl 3Black3$0.10
ToyAgumon (BT2-055)Digimon lvl 3Black3$0.97
Machmon (BT6-059)Digimon lvl 4Black3$0.78
Guardromon (EX1-047)Digimon lvl 4Black3$0.08
Mekanorimon (BT5-062)Digimon lvl 4Black3$0.35
Andromon (EX1-048)Digimon lvl 5Black2$0.07
MetalMamemon (EX1-050)Digimon lvl 5Black2$0.07
MetalTyrannomon (EX1-049)Digimon lvl 5Black2$0.06
Gigadramon (BT6-061)Digimon lvl 5Black3$0.10
Megadramon (BT6-013)Digimon lvl 5Red3$0.10
Megadramon (EX1-007)Digimon lvl 5Red3$0.05
Machinedramon (BT2-066)Digimon lvl 6Black2$1.62
Machinedramon (EX1-073)Digimon lvl 6Black2$15.14
Chaosdramon (BT7-017)Digimon lvl 6Red2$0.10
Ultimate Connection (EX1-069)OptionBlack3$0.11
Beast Cyclone (BT3-106)OptionBlack2$0.11
A Blazing Storm of Metal!OptionBlack3$0.10
Izzy Izumi (BT2-084)TamerBlack2$1.12
Izzy Izumi & Joe Kiddo (BT6-090)TamerBlack2$1.07
*Prices based TCGPlayer Market Price*

The main game plan is to prepare your hand and trash to so you can take full advantage of the EX1 Machinedramon and your Cybory Digimon with the help of some smaller Digimon and effects of other cards.

Deck Breakdown

Usually for the Deck Breakdown, I would do the entire deck. Today, I wanted to try something new and just a few key parts of this deck and with that let’s look at the stars of the deck Chaosdramon and Machinedramon.

Images from official Digimon Card Game site

The combo of Chaosdramon and Machinedramon may costly to some players but I think the combining effects can be deadly. When making this deck I was more focus on using the Machinedramon from the EX1 set as it has a On play ability of allowing you to place up to 5 level 5 red and or black Digimon cards with the Cyborg trait in it’s digivolution stack and gain a memory to help counter the cost. This combines well with Chaosdramon’s ‘When Digivolving’ effect of allowing to add 1 red or black level 5 card with Cyborg in it’s traits to the digivolution cards and then deleting 1 of your opponents Digimon with 6000 DP or less for each level 5 Cyborg Digimon in this Digimon’s digivolution cards. To put it simply, in one turn you could deleted 6 of your opponents Digimon. The BT2 version of Machinedramon can also be combined with Chaosdra as it has a On-Play De-Digivolve 2 effect. Basically deleted the top 2 cards on a Digimon, so turn a level 6 Digimon into a level 4 for example which more than likely can be deleted by Chaosdramon’s effect. Now, this is a costly play as both Machinedramon are 12 memory to play, but that is where your Option and Tamer cards come into play.

Images from official Digimon Card Game site

Memory re-generation is very important in this game it is your major resource to play cards and your opponent is going to do there best to start you out with none. However, there are plenty of Tamer cards like the BT4 Izzy Izumi, that will make sure you start with 3 memory for your turn. Combine that with the BT6 Izzy Izumi & Joe Kido Tamer that gives you 2 memory if your opponent has 2 or more Digimon, so that could start with 5 memory, which puts us about half there. To help make up the difference are Option cards like Ultimate Connection from EX1, which allows you to trash 1 level Cyborg Digimon from your hand to your trash to gain 2 memory and draw 1 card from your deck. This does two thing for you, first is get you a bit more memory and puts a Cyborg Digimon in your trash and possible get one in your hand which will be helpfully as for both Chaosdramon’s and EX1 Machinedramon’s effects allow to pull cards from those 2 sources. Now let’s move to the last major point of the deck, the level 5 Cyborg Digimon.

Images from official Digimon Card Game site

You will want to choose Cyborg Digimon with good inherited effects that can make Chaosdramon and Machinedramon a bigger threat. EX1 is a good set to pull from as they were built around the EX1 Machinedramon, like Megadramon that gives a Machine Digimon an additional Security Attack during your turn or MetalMamemon with the effect of when attacking with a Machine Digimon, you can delete one of your opponents Digimon that cost 5 or less. Most also have a “when digivolving” effect It also won’t hurt to use cards like Megadramon and Gigadramon from BT6 that gives additional DP.


A bit different style of deck of high risk and high reward if you can pull it off and not give your opponent a lot of memory to work with. As always, if you have any questions about how certain cards work or about the rules in general, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to hopefully find your answer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you join me next time as the next deck we build will be more machine like. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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