Deck Theory: Black Gear Machines Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to another Deck Theory post, a series where I go through my collection and try to make a somewhat descent deck and we reworking the Red/Black Cyborg deck I posted last time to be a mono-color deck that will pretty much work the same.

Basically I removed most the red cards and added a few of the black cards from the EX02 set, which focused on the Digimon Tamers anime season.

Deck List

Digi-Egg (5 cards):

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Main Deck (50 Cards):

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Still has the focus of utilizing the moving the Cyborg and Machine Digimon into the trash for certain effects but with the addition of the Justimon Digimon line that helps getting Tamers on the field for memory building and powering up your Digimon.

Deck Breakdown

Cyborgs Unite:

The main focus of the deck is still to power up Machinedramon and Chaosdramon with Cyborg Digimon either in your hand or in the trash. Which cards like Hagurumon, Ultimate Connection and Guardromon that have effects to discard Cyborg Digimon and draw more cards in your hand and even gain memory.

Ryu and Justimon:

With the addition of EX02, we got two tamers that I think work with Machinedramon pretty well in the forms of Ryo Akiyama and Kazu Shioda. Ryo has the On Play effect of looking at the top 4 cards of your deck and adding a card with ‘dramon’ or ‘Justimon’ in the name, which helps get ChaoDRAMON or MachineDRAMON and when attacking you can suspend this tamer to get a addition 1000 DP until the end of your opponents turn which is always nice. The Kazu tamer also has 2 effects, one gives you 1 memory at the beginning of your main phase if you have a Machine or Cyborg Digimon in play which should be easy with this deck and if you have the Tai Kamiya tamer in play, you should have 4 memory to start with every turn. The other effect of Kazu is if a Machine or Cyborg Digimon is suspended, you can suspend this card to draw 1 card and then have to discard one. Basically another chance to get a Cyborg Digimon in your hand and/or in the trash for the Machinedramon setup.

Now the question is how to get these tamer into play and luckily EX02 had an answer to that in the forms of Monodramon and Strikedramon. With Monodramon’s ‘On Play’ effect, you look at the top 4 cards in the deck and add ALL black Tamers to your hand, then you can digivolve into Strikedramon to use it’s ‘When Digivolving’ effect of looking at the top 4 cards of your deck and add 1 black Tamer card to your hand. This combo at the very least should get 1 Tamer card and if its a Ryo and want to save on memory, you can then digivolve a Digimon into Cyberdramon which has a ‘When Digivolving’ effect playing a Ryo Akiyama card for 0 memory. So with the Tamers on the field you have a great source of memory and a good setup for Justimon: Blitz Arm. Justimon has 2 effects, first ‘When Digivolving’ you can use one of three effects: Give this Digimon 2000 more DP for the Turn, Unsuspend it, or Delete one of you opponents Digimon with a play cost of 5 or lower and once per turn, you can use the ‘When Attacking’ effect of for each Tamer in play you can activate of of the ‘When Digivolve’ effect. So if you 2 tamers in play when Justimon attacks, you can use 2 effects such as giving 2000 more DP and delete a Digimon with a play cost of 5 or lower to ensure to survive the security attack and to remove a possible threat on the field.

All aboard the Locomon Train:

So probably having so many level 6 Digimon is a bad idea but, never said I had any. One of the perks of this deck is to use the Cyborg Digimon in your trash as a utility for powering up Chaosdramon or Machinedramon, however the addition of GroundLocomon gives you another option. GroundLocomon has the ‘All Turns’ effect of for each Cyborg or Machine Digimon in your trash it gains 1000 DP, so all those Cyborgs you been trashing to draw cards or gain memory now are giving GroundLocomon a power boost. Locomon is a nice setup to lower the cost of Digivolving into GroundLocomon by 1, which in this game, can at least give you resources for one more play at least.


Structure wise, this deck will seem bloated Digimon wise but given how most of these cards will end up in your trash pile seems like a descent trade off. An easy adjustment for this deck is to remove Justimon, Cyberdramon, Strikedramon and Monodramon as its a alternate plan to use if you are having trouble getting your Cyborg cards setup, maybe add a few more Option cards. As always, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to check for any Errata and the Q&A sections to make sure you are using the cards correctly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you join me next time as the next deck we build will be more machine like. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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