Deck Theory: Blue Promo-Force Deck Profile (Digimon TCG)

Welcome to Deck Theory: a series where I go through my collection and try to make a somewhat descent deck. Today we are taking the UlforceVeedramon Starter deck (ST8) and modifying with some promo cards and a few other cards.

Since most the cards you are using are coming from starter deck you can save a few bucks with buying the deck and grabbing the other needed cards but I included prices for those card as well.

Deck List

Digi-Egg (5 cards):

*Price/card* *Prices are from TCGPlayer*

Main Deck (50 Cards):

*Price/card* *Prices are from TCGPlayer*

For this deck we are going to mess with a couple of different gimmicks each kind of focusing a different version of UlforceVeedramon.

Deck Breakdown

No Hand Size Limit, No problem:

This is set of of effects are from the starter deck. From DemVeemon to UlforceVeedramon there is a theme of gaining bonuses from having 7/8 or more cards in your hand. Most of these are inherited effects that range from DemiVeemon’s when if you have 8 or more, then this Digimon gets 1000 additional DP to AeroVeedramon giving an additional security attack if you have 8 or more cards in your hand which leds to the starter deck version of UlforceVeedramon where when it attacks and activate those inherit effects to gain power and hit more. Now luckily there isn’t a hand limit in this game so there is not special effect needed to expand you hand size but you do need cards to help fill your hand. Luckily You have cards with ‘On Play’ effects like Coredramon with an effect of drawing 2 cards from your deck, or Dracomon that allows you look at the top 3 cards of your deck and add 1 Digimon Card with Dramon in its name. Then you have cards like Tai Kaymiya(V-Tamer) that have effect that you can use each turn where as long as you have a Digimon with ‘Veedramon’ in it’s name it can be suspended to draw 1 card.

Zero to Hero:

Some of the earliest promos focused on the the Veedramon and Tai from ‘Digimon Adventure: V-Tamer’ one of the earliest series in the Digimon Franchise. Veedramon Zero, AeroVeedramon Zero and UlforceVeedramon Zero all have a effects that move cards from your deck to the trash and then from the trash back to your deck for some bonuses. Veedramon Zero has an ‘When Attacking’ effect of If you have a blue tamer, you may trash the top 3 cards to gain 2000 DP and then has an Inherited Effect of when that Digimon attacks, add 3 non-Digi-Egg cards from your trash to the bottom of your deck to draw 1. AeroVeedramon has a similar effect but it happens ‘When Digivolving’ and also requires a Tamer in play but it give 3000 DP and when using it’s ‘When Attacking’ inherited effect, you can add 3 non-Digi-Egg cards from your trash to the bottom of deck to get an addition 2000 DP. Lastly UlforceVeedramon has a ‘When Digivolving’ effect of moving 3 non-Digi-Egg cards from the trash to the bottom of your deck you can unsuspend it and one of the Tamers. It also has a ‘Once per turn’ effect of on your turn if you return a card to your deck, gain 1 memory its a nice resource builder that can help extend your turn and maybe get another play.

Tamers and Digimon Unite:

I have already mention a couple of cards that rely having Tamers on the field to use their effects but wanted to mention a couple more and talk about the Tamers in the deck. For this deck, I am using Rina Shinomiya and Tai Kamiya(V-Tamer) mainly cause in the franchise their partners have been UlforceVeedramon or one from that line. Both have effects of being able to suspend the card to give your Veedramon (or Blue Digimon in Rina case) an additional 1000 DP and Rina also has a ‘On play’ effect of revealing the top 3 cards and added a Digimon card with ‘Vee’ in its name which also helps with increasing the number of cards in your hand. The BT2 version has a couple of ‘Your Turn’ effects, one is if a Blue Tamer is suspended you an unsuspended and the other only allows you to use it once but if this Digimon becomes unsuspended, gain 1 memory. And lastly cards like BT2 Veedramon has the effect of if you have a blue Tamer in play it gets gains Jamming which means it can’t be deleted by Digimon that are in your opponent’s Security stack, which makes it a tool to clear out your opponent’s security stack with little worry losing a mon.


A fun little deck with some interesting gameplay mechanics to mess with. I know I probably could of talk about why I left Slayerdramon in the deck, but the answer is simple: I like it so it stays. Remember I never said I was good at this. One modification I would make is to add more of a focus on using the Jamming effect has its a good Security stack sledgehammer. As always, I recommend you go to the official website (link here) to check for any Errata and the Q&A sections to make sure you are using the cards correctly. Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully you join me next time as the next deck we build will be more machine like. Until next time; Stay Safe, Be Kind and Game On!

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